beware of travel steps try-on

  lofty29 13:11 06 Sep 2008

Hi we recieved a letter through the post stating that we had asked for membership of a company called "pressplay home shopping", which also included membership of "travelsteps". If we did not want this membership we had to telephone a 0870 number otherwise £99 would be taken from our credit card account after 30 days. This it turned out involved an intial call from a company called "good music" which had called my wife and asked if they could send the latest brochure, loads of people have had this happen to them apparently, and it seems to have gone on as far back as 2004. we will be contacting trading standards and the information commisioners on monday to register a complaint, but beware if you get a call from any of these comapanies over the phone you could end up with this type of letter

  Forum Editor 13:17 06 Sep 2008

from your card account if you didn't provide it with your account details in the first place?

  lofty29 13:26 06 Sep 2008

I think that it was the threat of taking the money in our case, but since the originator "good music" may have these details from previous purchases, it is a possibility in some cases. Nevertheless it is a nasty letter to receive and since so many telphone and internet shopping exists who knows who you are dealing with a lot of the time.

  bringback 13:29 25 Sep 2008

I have just noticed a charge of £99.00 on my credit card re: the above. I phoned the number concerned and asked for details of what this was all about. It seems that one company that I already deal with, passed my credit card details to another company, who then give me a ring and asked if I would be interested in receiving their brochure. I agreed to that and they asked me a security question "where was I born". I answered that question thinking no more of it. The company then passed my credit card details and the security question answer to Travelsteps. Because I didn't read the letter that came with the brochure, I didn't know that I had to cancel and so was charged £99.00.
Travelsteps told me I must have agreed to this because I gave them the answer to my security question. They have told me they are refunding the money. We shall see.
Whatever happens this is a diabolical situation and a lot of people are probably caught by it.
I would like to know which of the companies that I deal with passed my details on in the first place.

  molineux7229 14:59 04 Oct 2008

Exactly the same thing happened to my parents this week and now theyve have fraud on their Barclaycard...The travel steps company have taken two lots of £99 out of thieir account but say they can't refund it as my parents nave reported the fraud to the bank and the account is now closed!! Frightening. Genuinely had no contact wit the company before and brochure was totally unsolicited. Beware

  Condom 16:37 04 Oct 2008

I sometimes think some our beloved Forum Editors have lived sheltered lives. The world is full of crooked companies who use whatever means they can to get money from people. Ok many of these are rather gullable but many are not. It is a rat race out there and people do not have a clue to the many ways their money can be got at. Many of the links on these very pages offering free downloads are anything but free so perhaps looking nearer home might help.

  molineux7229 17:09 04 Oct 2008

Just searched the net and looks like Pressplay have been doing this for ages - my mom ordered from HSS Health and they have obviously passed her details onto Pressplay. Unbelievable but seems they've been getting away with it for over 2 years....

  Diemmess 18:18 04 Oct 2008

If you initiate the call, the agent at the other end may rightly ask a question to establish that you are who you say you are.

BUT ----- if someone phones you and asks for any sort of verification, refuse to answer whatever sort of story they tell.

I believe this is a basic guideline for anyone to avoid trouble, but am ready to be told if the idea is flawed

  molineux7229 19:17 04 Oct 2008

The issue is that the company call you to ask you to set up your account with them. They then ask you toput a password on THIS accountand ask for your mothers maiden name - that's the scam. They now know your credit card details and most often used passsord ie the answer to your mothers maiden name. The company then appear to sell all of these details plus your card details to other companies - that's the scary thing

  Simplynocturnal 22:28 24 Feb 2009

I had a call last week from someone calling on behalf of Ideal world, 'in assosiation with travel steps'. First of all they asked me a few customer service questions, then went on to say that as a thankyou for ordering with ideal world, i can have a 30 day free trial for a lifestyle and leisure brochure - the travel steps club. the girl then went on to saying what was in the brochure and that IF after the 30 day trial i wished to continue being a member, its £99 for a years membership she and this would be debited from my account after the 30 day trial. if however i did not want to continue being a member, i could post back the brochure or call the number in the brochure. I accepted the offer, and received exactly what i thought i was receiving. I did check this with trading standards and apparently it is completely acceptable for companies to pass on your details to 3rd party companies. and only IF you agree to receive the 30 day trial, would you be charged. My advice to you all is to listen to your calls, it seems that all of you obviously didnt listen to what was said on the phone. The whole point of a 30 day TRIAL is that you are on a TRIAL. I have now kept my membership and will shortly be going on my holiday to the Costa del sol, free of charge thanks to the travel steps.

  Forum Editor 23:04 24 Feb 2009

about providing your personal details to anyone over the phone, unless you are confident about what you're doing.

I suggest that you click here.

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