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  ms goodwench 15:39 18 Apr 2007

I recently purchased a laptop, 2 desktops units, one digital monitor and a digital tv from "click here".

Having a child in college and being on disability with a very limited budget, I thought that I was being very economical considering their prices and their warranty offers. WRONG!

I have been fighting a never ending battle between their customer service reps and the manufacturers due to the wrong software being in the systems I ordered and the tv arrived broken in several places.

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to belief the system I am currently using would be refurbished and just fine. Wrong. It contains a warhead virus, thus requiring me to completely reload the software every 3-4 weeks. The previous owner apparently downloaded it and it can't be removed with destroying the hard drives.

Sony "farms out" its tech support and they have never heard of this virus. UBid tells me to refer my issues to the mfr. And I bought warranties so that I would not encounter these issues.

I feel so violated and now I have just a pile of garbage and no money. Which none of this helps the college situation for my child. Any ideas?

  Stuartli 15:46 18 Apr 2007

Try phoning CustomerDirect first and seeking advice asap.

You seem to have had the equipment for some time now ("thus requiring me to completely reload the software every 3-4 weeks"), so rejecting it might not be possible now especially as it presumably is not new.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:51 18 Apr 2007

The warhead virus is very easy to remove click here. It is unlikely that it will 'eat' your HD. Any decent AV such as AVG free will delete it. It is an old virus and would be unlikely to do damage on a patched XP computer.

What make and OS are the computers and are they new or refurbished. I seem to think that they are refurbished as you mention a previous owner so how can they have the wrong software Are all 4 with problems or just one.

  Totally-braindead 16:59 18 Apr 2007

Is that the right site you linked to as it appear to be US rather than UK. I would also like to know what wrong software is involved.

  Forum Editor 17:50 18 Apr 2007

that you live in Columbia, in the United States, and that means we can only provide you with general information about your legal rights.

If you purchase goods online from your home you have a three-business-day cooling off period during which you may cancel the purchase, but that isn't going to apply in this instance.

The Federal Trade Commission receives many thousands of complaints about online auctions, in fact they are right at the top of the list. If you used your credit card to mmake the purchase (and I assume you did) you can ask your card provider to make a charge-back in respect of goods which were not what you ordered. In your case, if the goods you received varied from the description on the seller's website you can ask your card company to become involved, but act quickly.

Alternatively, you can contact the following organisations for help and advice:-

1. The attorney general’s office in your state.

2. Your county or state consumer protection agency. Check the blue pages of the phone book under 'county and state government'.

3. The Better Business Bureau.

If you still need help you can get lots of help and advice from The Federal Trade Commission. You can call them toll-free: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261.

Or fill in a complaint form online.

click here$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 for the form.

The advice you've been given about the Warhead virus is correct - this is a very old virus and isn't active in Windows XP. It isn't going to trash your hard drive if you remove it properly, and you can do that by following the link provided by GANDALF <|:-)>.

  ms goodwench 18:47 13 May 2007

Sorry for the confusion. Yes, all of the products are giving me problems, in some form. And yes, I called customer service, who in turn deferred me to the customer service of each item's manufacturer, who in turn were either complete idiots or refused to warranty a refurbished unit of any type.
Not only were the systems never cleared of the previous owner's information, the software advertised was not included in two of the systems. Apparently it is a "vague legal area" when it comes to false advertising of a refurbished product, especially with computers.
Since this has been a battle since Oct., I no longer have any warranty rights. How convenient for a reseller to "place you on the back burner intentionally" so to not incur any expenses for a bad product.
I spoke with the Florida Attorney General's office in late Nov. and I sent them a letter. They now how my complaint on file.
I suppose my only form of recourse is to ensure no one else falls for this misleading website's sales tactics. A lesson I have learned very well.
Thank you for your help. I'll give this a try for the virus. I certainly thought that Norton or CA antivirus software would capture and eliminate it, but that didn't happen.

  Forum Editor 22:26 13 May 2007

we weren't able to help further. Good luck with the virus.

  grumpygramp 13:46 14 May 2007

Our forum editor never ceases to amaze me .He is a mine of information .and knows just where to look .Congratulations are in order here I feel .

  appletrees 22:03 17 May 2007


Yes, it was a very full and helpful answer, wasn't it!

These days, I find that the internet is a mine of information about almost any subject, and judicious use of keywords in google will normally help you find out anything at all. I don't know how we survived before this universal knowledge base was around!

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