Beware Pixmania's returns policy!

  fudge 21:37 25 May 2004

I've recently bought a Canon scanner from Pixmania. The cheapest anywhere and the delivery service was excellent - considering goods come from France. That's where the good news stops though!

It failed within 2 days and after a quick call to Canon it was confirmed faulty. Now comes the very 'customer unfriendly' bit from Pixmania.

I've had to pay to return it to France (£38) which they say will be reimbursed, but I've yet see this. You have to fax or email a copy of the carriers receipt before they will even consider reimbursement!

Now I've had an email to say the scanner has arrived but it will take 10 days to establish if it can be accepted as a faulty item. Only then will they send a replacement. The fact that Canon have confirmed it's faulty and given me a reference from the technical helpline, which has been passed to Pixmania, obviously counts for nothing.

So I'm £38 out of pocket and without a scanner for at least 2 weeks for something that failed within 48 hours. Now I don't consider that a good service. It's probably the price I'm paying for buying cheap (and from abroad). Next time I'll stick with a UK supplier.

Anybody else had problems with this company?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:57 25 May 2004

Just ordered an Epson R300 from them :-)))


  Pearly Gates |X|X| 22:07 25 May 2004

It took Savastore 14 days to replace a faulty item of mine. They even denied having received it for some time. If you get your new scanner and £38 within 10 days then it will not be too bad.
Most British firms don't work all that much quicker. You should be more annoyed with Cannon for making a bad unit. There is always a bit of hassle when something breaks, I am on my third monitor in 4 months at the moment. Mesh sent me a second hand unit with my new system even though I had paid for a new one, that lasted 2 minutes, Iiyama sent me a rebuild as a replacement which only turned on when it felt like it, got a new one at last after pestering them till they sent me one.

  g0slp 23:47 25 May 2004

What happened to internationally recognised warranties? Small companies I can understand, but multinationals like Canon?

If anyone can......(or cannot, in this case) :-((

  conrail 10:38 26 May 2004

I assume you bought it online, issue 164 of computeractive, latest issue, page 13, not sure if this covers France but you should be covered by the Distance Selling Regulations, (DSR), this gives you the right to cancel an order up to 7 working days from date you received the goods irrespective of reason, if the product is faulty the supplier must arrange and pay for it's return, doesn't help you now I know as you have returned the item but good customer service should get you a quick refund, trouble is all companies hang onto refunds as long as possible, maybe you should point them to this posting to let them see what bad publicity they are getting

  byfordr 10:46 26 May 2004

Cheap prices but not the first time I've seen problems like this reported. Personally will always buy hardware from British supplies


  spuds 11:11 26 May 2004

A number of comments have been made via the forum about Pixmania, and the poor aftersales service they offer. If the search facility was working okay, then some of the posted comments would have made interesting reading.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 11:33 26 May 2004

Pixmania will come good, they have their own way of doing it thats all, I think that their estimate of 10 days is a maximum figure and your item will turn up before this, bearing in mind the Bank Holiday. Anyway good luck and keep us posted on the outcome.

  fudge 12:17 26 May 2004

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I read some of the forum comments - but only after I had returned the scanner (who said something about stable door and horses!!).

To be fair to Pixmania, I took out what they call 'Zen Engagement' (no idea what that means, but you get a full refund if item fails in first year)and was offered a full refund under this scheme. I could also have had a refund under the Distance Selling Regulations.

However, I would still have to pay to return it and then wait for the refund. Then I would have to re-order, so I thought the route I took would be quicker and less hassle - it remains to be seen if it is. Hope you're right Pearly Gates!

I'll let you know.

  Stuartli 12:59 26 May 2004

Nomatica has a very poor record in this area as well.

  byfordr 13:59 26 May 2004

I don't think the french postal system helps. But to be fair they have a 1000% better record than ours! (Judging by personal experience and recent reports)


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