Beware of Pixmania - LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!!

  SecretGarden 11:40 06 Sep 2008

I fell it necessary to inform readers that nothing has changed with Pixmania in the last 5 years as regards customer service or the lack of it.

I ordered an item before I checked out the aftersales service. As soon as I realised that there was NONE I cancelled my order - within 24 hours, BEFORE they took the money from my credit card and BEFORE despatch (according to their tracking). Yet they shipped the item 24 hours AFTER CANCELLATION. When the item arrived by post I refused to accept it or sign for it. I asked them to return it to Pixmania.

I have since being attempting to make contact with them but I'm only receiving automatically generated emails in response, one of which claims that having checked their records they find I have accepted delivery and signed for the product.

Once I've used an item on their drop down menu in their FAQ (not the most obvious place to find customer service) it gives me a response "Your question has already been taken into account" and will not allow me to proceed. They effectively cut a customer off from communicating in any meaningful manner.

This situation has has been going on for 2 weeks now. I'm not sure where I take it to next as I'm owed a very substantial sum of money by Pixmania. I now have an address in France which will be a possible next tool to use in recovering my loss.

I'm keeping a copy of all my correspondence, dates, content etc. I intend to follow the channels as far as possible to recover my money, if I fail while dealing directly with Pixmania I will deal with the issue through my credit card company.

The reason websites like Pixmania exist is because of people like me. The forums and boards are full of people warning and sharing very bad experiences of Pixmania but I didn't read them.


  lofty29 13:20 06 Sep 2008

As I am sure FE will point out under the distance selling regulations you are allowed to return any unused item within 7 days and receive a full refund without giving any reason. it is only a pity you did not contact your credit card company to refuse payment when you cancelled the order, I know that this does not help sorry you are having such problems

  anchor 13:51 06 Sep 2008

Do the distance selling regulations apply to Pixmania, whom I understand are based in France?.

  spuds 15:27 06 Sep 2008

Thats the problem, Pixmania are based in France, even though they are owned by DSG and use Currys for returns.

  SecretGarden 15:30 06 Sep 2008

Thank you both, I was not aware of that ACT. However as I live in Ireland (southern)I need to find a similar ACT here.

I will start with our most recent Consumer Protection Act.

  ForestChav 23:41 06 Sep 2008

It's usually the law of the country where it's sold, you would need to find legislation under French law I suppose.

  Stuartli 09:43 07 Sep 2008

>>if I fail while dealing directly with Pixmania I will deal with the issue through my credit card company.>>

This should have been your first port of call immediately you realised that Pixmania was not responding in the manner expected.

  Forum Editor 10:08 07 Sep 2008

will expect you to have exhausted the possibilities of obtaining satisfaction directly from PixMania before they will become involved, so you are taking the right approach.

European consumer law does vary slightly from country to country, but there are broad similarities. I suggest that you contact the special Trading Standards department that deals with problems like this. It's called the UK European Consumer Centre, and is based in Basildon, Essex. They know all about European legislation, and they'll often make contact with a supplier themselves on your behalf. The supplier isn't compelled to act on their advice, but there is now much closer cooperation between EU member states on internet buying problems, so it's worth trying.

Trading Standards will want to know that you've made efforts on your own, so be prepared to supply them with all the information about how you've done that.

Email them at: [email protected]

or you can call them on: 08456 04 05 03.

Good luck - let us know how you get on.

  Sapins 22:22 08 Sep 2008

I ordered a USB turntable from Pixmania on the 8th.of August, which turned out to have seriously damaged packaging so I refused delivery and informed them I had rejected it. Nineteen days later they said they had still not received it back so I cancelled the order. I confirmed the cancellation after two more days. Four days after that I received an e-mail to say they had received it and a replacement had been dispatched, this was last Friday so I could not stop the delivery over the weekend. I have now received another e-mail to say I have to refuse delivery and when they get it back I will be informed. (refunded?) I believe they may be stalling until the allocated time to get a refund has passed and I will have a fight to get my money back, I also suspect the original turntable has been re-packaged and it could well have been damaged first time around.

I am also not at all happy with Pixmania.

  SecretGarden 23:51 08 Sep 2008

Keep a record of all transactions with Pixmania, times, dates, contact names (if you're lucky), details of each contact / transaction, copies of all correspondence. In this way you will have a complete record if you need to take it further.

Although Pixmania is based in France (I'm guessing you were given a French address to return the goods) it is a brand name for Fotovista which is 70+% owned by DSG International (ex-Dixons Group plc)
Headquarters location: Maylands Ave. Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7TG
Tel. 44-(0)1442-353-000.

This might be an option for you if you fail to make meaningful contact through their website or through email.

Good luck with it.

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