Beware Of Fake Santander E-Mails.

  Big L 266 10:10 17 Jan 2011


I thought I'd make you aware that I've had a fake email from someone purporting to be from Santander. It says I've been locked out of my internet banking and that in order to continue I should click on this link to reactivate it.

I did click the link,but the web address it redirected me to wasn't Santander although it looked like it. The other major giveaway was the logo. As an old Alliance & Leicester customer, the original logo revolves between Santander and Alliance & Leicester logos but on this fake one it stays static.

I've let Santander know and their response was to delete the email. I'm also running quick security scans to make sure my clicking on this link didn't leave a nasty little bug.

I hope this will assist if you get one in the next few days.

Big L 266

  bremner 10:33 17 Jan 2011

Have had so many of these and similar I have lost count.

The message that needs shouting from the rooftops is that NO BANK WILL EVER SEND SUCH MESSAGES.

Always, always simply delete them

  Terry Brown 11:14 17 Jan 2011

Every one of us has recieved fake emails from a bank, as Bremmer says. Just Delete.

You should download the anti-phishing software from either Alliance & Leicester or Santander, which will help make your banking more secure (Trusteer).

  gengiscant 11:15 17 Jan 2011

Why on earth would you click on the link?

  tullie 11:49 17 Jan 2011

Yep!you are right folks,nothing new.

  Scillonia 15:06 17 Jan 2011

Some may say to be aware of authentic emails from Santander ;-)

  john bunyan 15:32 17 Jan 2011

I always mark such e mails "add to blocked sender list" - usually I check on my ISP server and block, delete there. Sometimes they appear if I open e mail on PC first, but I do not actually open them..

  Big L 266 17:41 17 Jan 2011


gengiscant.....The answer to your question is that I have a series of ongoing complaints about Santanders lack of enthusiasm to get me back to online banking.I assumed - wrongly - that this email would contain either a response to my 15 complaints this month alone,or a set of new online banking proceedures.When I clicked to open this email,it clearly wasn't anything to do with my fiscal benefit whatsoever which Santander later confirmed.It was opened - but not actioned by me - with the best of intentions though.

I have to say that I don't know how this got into my inbox.My spam setting is to delete everything directed into it bu Yahoo! even before I see it.I got sick of seeing large quantities of spam emails every day.I guess having this email address for the past six years hasn't helped.

I do have Trusteer Rapport to protect all my online banking needs.I do wish though that someone could create a piece of software that could be downloaded so that we could reply to these spammers with a hidden attachment to unpack itself on opening and ruin and destroy their hideous criminality.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 17:43 17 Jan 2011


I think I would call such a piece of software 'The Satan Bug' after the film.

Big L 266

  john bunyan 20:51 17 Jan 2011

I agree with your wishes but these spammers run huge botnets etc. The ISP's are the ones to tackle them - an individual punter would stand no chance.

  finerty 23:02 17 Jan 2011

I've had two emails from NatWest, the first one asking me to contact them about my account and the 2nd saying I've been locked out f the account.

The only thing is I don't have an account with and I don't bank with them and I never ever do online banking even though my bank is offering a card reader which would give a certain number I would use to access my account online

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