Beware! DELL quoted Deliveries

  Lyon 18:57 23 Sep 2007

Delivery problems with a new DELL. Ordered a new 1520 laptop mid August for quoted delivery mid Sept. 6 weeks as advertised. Did not arrive on day - took a day off work. I had to contact DELL. Now been advised ESTIMATED delivery date of Mid-November, 14 weeks after order placed!
Notice they do not have a quick link option on their web site to canel order.
Any one else fallen into this trap recently?

  STREETWORK 21:21 23 Sep 2007

Phone their customer support and complain to them directly, ask for recompense...

  FreeCell 21:31 23 Sep 2007

Sorry to hear of you experience

click here

Dell apology page. States 1520 6 week delivery and gives an "estimated delivery calculator" link. Seems daft that they were advertising these machines in a flyer enclosed with Saturday's newspaper when they can't supply in an acceptable timescale.

Have a friend who ordered 1720 last week and was given late October date for delivery. Dell claimed popularity of models and shortage of components ( I think keyboards were mentioned.)

Given Dell's past experience of parts sourcing and logistics they shouldn't be having problems like this and I'd not be surprised if there is more to this than they have let on so far.

  Suzie11 17:06 24 Sep 2007

I also ordered a Dell laptop on 25th July, and was at that time quoted a 10-day delivery. At end of the month this was extended to end of August, then end of September and last weekend end of October. Aparently they have a shortage of glass.... I rang again this morning and as they were unable to give me any idea as to when my laptop was going to appear I cancelled my order. Customer services was always very polite but totally unable to give me any useful information.

  silverous 11:25 25 Sep 2007

I don't know if Dell are experiencing specific problems but for work, colleagues, family and friends who have ordered 9 times out of 10 the machine was with them within days rather than weeks and in less than the estimated delivery times.

I suspect this is a component supply issue, not excusing it but it isn't like Dell is what I'm suggesting.

  spuds 12:02 25 Sep 2007

That what as already been stated, appears to be a component shortage problem. Not so long ago a number of manufacturers had stocks of part completed machines, the main hold-up on that occasion was the world-wide shortage of graphic boards.About four/five years ago, it was memory chips in short supply.

I have purchased many items from Dell over the years, and in all cases they have provided a service above expectations, either by build and delivery.

Just a blip in the system at present perhaps. If the time scale is now no longer suitable, then you have the option of cancelling under consumer law (providing the machine is not a special build one-off)and trying elsewhere?.

  Lyon 20:29 25 Sep 2007

Glad you agree DELL is still an exceptional name for quality, customer service and expectations. That is why I am returning to buy yet another machine from them. Just wanted some un-biased feedback from other forum members, so as to hang in their and await delivery - after recent issues with another UK household brand - Evesham.

  play_fetch 21:13 25 Sep 2007

I've had problems with deliveries from Dell before and had to contact them...
But they dealt with it well and apologised for the inconvenience.

I agree with the comments about the quality of Dell machines. I own both a desktop and laptop PC by Dell. Planning to get a new desktop PC as the current one is coming up to... 5 or 6 years now. It's probably going to be Dell again! =)

  interzone55 21:19 25 Sep 2007

I think the problem with this range of models is down to the coloured cases.

I recently ordered about £20k worth of server & storage (top notch PE2950 server & 22.5tb of storage) and this was delayed for a week due to a shortage of rack rails. I phoned my account manager & pointed out that as I order close to £100k a year from him, and the price differential between Dell kit & IBM kit is minimal when you get into this spending range. My server arrived within three days & he also added a second free server to the delivery, low spec, but I'm using it to test a new application.

  FreeCell 20:36 02 Oct 2007

Previous post mentioned friend who had been given late October delivery daye for a Inspiron 1720. It shipped today delivery Thursday 4th. (It's black by the way).

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