beware buying xp

  losmil 14:18 03 Aug 2010

just got a brand new authentic copy of xp home to install on my new computer, to cut a long story short, I have a problem connecting to the internet and which i am fairly certain is not due to my isp or the settings, contacted microsoft re non connection of outlook express but the refused technical help unless i pay £46! beware if you contemplate buying xp
ps windows 7 is no good to me because it will not recognise most of my apps.

  ventanas 14:37 03 Aug 2010

Just consider this for a moment. You have got a new computer presumably with Windows 7, which for some reason you don't want.
So you have gone out and got a copy of XP and wonder why you cannot get things to work.
Your new computer will have hardware that came yonks after XP was dead in the water and very likely there are no XP drivers for your setup, and never will be.
Got nothing to do with Microsft or ISP. You are trying to use up to date hardware with an out of date version of windows.
Go back to Windows 7 if you still can and update your apps.

  ronalddonald 16:10 03 Aug 2010

you could of saved a packet go and get linux mint 9 just type in the linux shop on the nest and order for there

  qbie 16:51 03 Aug 2010

Or upgrade from Win7 Home Premium to Professional and run your old XP apps in the Virtual PC based "XP Mode". Unless your apps require direct hardware access this will work fine.

  jamesdart 20:43 03 Aug 2010

my mate got one off ebay aswell, hes now locked in problems with paypal avoid that too

  PalaeoBill 23:50 03 Aug 2010

Its an interesting subject that losmil has raised and one that cries out for a reasonable solution rather than a tough get over it.
I'm sure that he, like me, is happy and comfortable with XP, it does all that he needs it to do and he has no reason to upgrade to 7. If the apps he has bought to run under XP will not run under 7 he has a problem. I would have too, I have statistical anaysis and geotechnical software that cost thousands and will not run on Vista or 7 and I have no desire whatsoever to pay for them again for a new OS I don't want or need. Fortunately I'm ok for now but its going to be a problem when my existing hardware finally gives up the ghost.
ronalddonald has raised a good point. Linux is indeed a potential solution, I have run most of my software on a laptop running Ubuntu using virtualbox and I have colleagues who swear that Wine does the business.
Another possibility I haven't investigated yet is to run XP via VMWare under 7. Perhaps someone has done it and can tell us all about it.

  birdface 08:53 04 Aug 2010

Problem is over losmil forgot to load the drivers.

  tullie 09:51 04 Aug 2010

No need to order Linux Mint from anywhere,just download it for free,will a computer set up for Windows 7 run linux ok?

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