Beware Broadband providers bearing Gifts!

  HyperDude 08:55 25 Jun 2004


I have had ADSL since it was first publicly available and was shocked when I saw a recent Tiscali adver offering 'broadband' at half the price I pay for it.

After futher investigation I found some interesting facts:

The service they offer is NOT 512kbps broadband as you may assume its merely a half speed line.

You may think 'oh well I dont need that much speed' but there is another catch. They have something called data cap. This is what allows them to charge so little for 'broadband'. Data cap is where they restrict the ammount you download each month. I am on Virgin.NET and they have no limit at all. All they request is you limit your downloading to about 5Gb a week.

Tiscali only let you download 1Gb a MONTH so this means a maximum of 36mb a day including all webpages and anything downloaded to your computer.

Dont know about you but I am happy to pay the extra £10 for virgin just so I can download things!

  Sparrowhawk 10:13 25 Jun 2004

Where is the gift?

It's not like Hoover or BT 'offering FREE FLIGHTS to the US' with departure from Glasgow when you live in London or Heathrow when you live in Glasgow.

  Sparrowhawk 10:14 25 Jun 2004

HyperDude wrote:
'I am on Virgin.NET and they have no limit at all. All they request is you limit your downloading to about 5Gb a week'

So, does your VIRGIN contract has a download limit or not?

  HyperDude 10:16 25 Jun 2004

They reccomend that you limit your downloading and they just say under section 16 that persistant mass downloadeders may be disconnected for short periods. I also got a newsletter saying to try and keep to 5gb a day

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:56 25 Jun 2004

You read the contract before signing didn't you? I do not see what your problems is. 'I also got a newsletter saying to try and keep to 5gb a day'....whaaaaat!!! What on earth are you downloading that takes up 5Gb a day????? Next thing you'll be wanting one of the ridiculous Gmail accounts........

You may not have noticed but there are other ISPs providing similar rate structures.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:57 25 Jun 2004

That should be 'you would have read the contract' is all about choice.


  HyperDude 11:04 25 Jun 2004

5gb a week sorry.


whats with the attitude anyway? I am offended by the way you assume I didnt read the contract. I actualy had the bloke at Virgin support read the contract to me down the phone at the expense of my phone bill.

  mdshamilton 16:29 25 Jun 2004

My stepfather spends odd months in his flat in London and wants broadband on for those odd months - is Virgin the only ISP that offers broadband on a monthly basis that can be turned on & off (i.e. not be charged for it) when you're away?

  accord 16:35 25 Jun 2004


NTL started the 1GB a month download last year and there was uproar. It seems that it is becoming the norm now with ISP putting download limits on some of their packages. I personally dont download a fraction of the 1GB but am happy to pay the 600KB £25 per month which NTL charge me.

  Dipso 22:03 25 Jun 2004

You say you have had ADSL since it was first publicly available. It seems now that more and more areas of the country are becoming enabled that ISP's have had to consider different pricing structures to entice new customers to their product. £20 or more sounds like a lot of money to some people for an internet connection.

My ISP works on a Pay AsYouGo basis. I get full 512 speed but pay a minimum of £11.75 a month dependant on how much I down/upload in a month. As far as I am aware, they were the only one who offered this kind of service up to very recently when some of the "household names" jumped on the bandwaggon.

I first signed up to ADSL with Virgin but found that as I am not a very heavy downloader, it would suit me better (and save me £10 a month!) to go with my current ISP Metronet.

So basically, the Tiscali offer may not suit you personally but it will probably appeal to a moderate user who is currently paying circa £15 for an unmetered dial up connection.

  Forum Editor 23:12 25 Jun 2004

of the reduced speed 'broadband' service being offered by several ISPs - we had several threads about it some time back. Similarly, we discussed the downstream capping system a while ago, and agreed that unless you are a serial MP3 downloader you are not likely to find the weekly/monthly limits a problem. They (the limits) are designed to prevent bandwidth hogging by people who insist on downloading pirated music, films and software by the ton.

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