Better list of 120hz TN monitors than what i have in this post?

  Bill8 20:44 03 Mar 2014

click here a list of 120hz monitors and most seem to be out of stock. Apparently the Samsung are the creme de la creme and my only options are benq or asus

click here VG248QE and BENQ XL2411T only ones being in my price range.

Their specs are pretty much the same in regards to pixel pitch, cdm and contract ratio. Only the Benq has lower power consumption and i found it cheaper.

Found ASUS

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:33 04 Mar 2014

Are you asking a question or just just trying to make a point?

  Bill8 11:13 05 Mar 2014

I don't know how i managed to cut out half my post but il digress;

Is the Benq and Asus monitors i selected the only option for me in that price range?

Which one would you recommend over the other and why?

Why are there not more 120hz monitors on the market and in stock?

  Woolwell 13:11 05 Mar 2014

I was looking for a new monitor recently and found stock levels were low (certainly at the price I was willing to pay). Gaming monitors may be slightly more difficult.

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