Better laptop than this for around 500ish?

  silverous 13:00 01 Aug 2006

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OK so it is nearer 600 quid. A colleague has asked me to recommend one. She doesn't want a 'rubbish' laptop but only has 500 ish to spend.

I think Acer are best at that price point. The above might be a bit too much money for her (looks like a lot for the money though) so I was also maybe thinking:

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Plus a 3 year warranty with accidental damage (Acer very good value for these and I tend to think worth it for personal use - especially if going to be moving around)

All advice will be appreciated!

  Jimmy14 13:51 01 Aug 2006

Recommend the first one due to that it's dual core and the new 5000 core duo range from Acer. If money is a really big issue and £607 is too much then I suggest she goes for the 2nd option. I have a acer laptop myself similair to the first model and had no problems with it since I bought it in December 05.


  silverous 20:26 01 Aug 2006


  Woolwell 20:57 01 Aug 2006

The real question is what does she want to use it for?
Then add a bit more on for when she discovers that she really would like to do a bit more.
It also depends on whether a warranty is included in the £500 ish.
Does she need 1Gb RAM as there are several Acer and Toshiba models that could suit at around the £500 mark.

Comet have your first one for under £600.

  silverous 11:08 02 Aug 2006

I agree, the problem with that question is people are often very vague about it. Internet, Email - initially she said "from the train" although I explained that was going to be expensive unless her train company have wifi!

Office use. Then maybe watching DVDs, Digital Photography - but that was less of a requirement.

I tried comet for the first one but couldn't find it, will have a look. I don't think she'd thought about warranty but would come out of the same budget. Acer warranties are reasonable.

I think the 1st one is 'safest' bet in terms of being able to do what she wants in the future.

  silverous 11:08 02 Aug 2006

Also, comet warranty seems to be more expensive than acer one elsewhere.

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