Best wireless adsl modem router avalible?

  Need4Speed 09:58 26 Nov 2005

As the title suggests, which is currently the best on the market, I am thinking that I may go for a Belkin model as they seem to get good reviews.

Does anyone use one and if so what are they like and if you dont what do you suggest?

Also what like to produce the best signal as in my house the walls are quite thick.

  mikegm7 10:26 26 Nov 2005

Not sure which is the best, but for the last couple of years I have been using Netgears DG834G.(wireless) Look for the latest model though 108mbps?
I believe Belkin's technical help is good. I recently rang technical help at Netgear and ended up talking to somebody in India!!! Have you looked at click here

  [email protected] 11:57 26 Nov 2005

netgear for me I took a little time to set it up correctly but the help desk of netgear was great

  Dipso 14:11 26 Nov 2005

I have the Netgear DG834G too. It's still widely available even though they brought out the DG834GT 108Mbps. This later model seems to be more problematic.

You don't actually need the newer faster model unless you intend to do a lot of file sharing across your home network.

Apparently the DG834G is also upgradable and will therefore be able to cope with ADSL 2+ and speeds of up to 24Mbps (I didn't know this...)

  ade.h 19:36 26 Nov 2005

*following thread with interest*

Need4Speed - If you go for a Belkin setup, could you post some feedback here? I'm considering wi-fi options at the mo'.

  fitcher 19:54 26 Nov 2005

I put a belkin wireless modem at my sons house in under five minutes ..his laptop picked it up no problem .interface was so easy ..I have a netgear myself instead of using a pci wireless card for my computer in the garage .I bought a small wireless sender adaptor that looks like a memory stick ,just plugs in to a usb port .. it is getting a great signal .no dropped lines also .you can move it about,, from computer to computer ,best thing since sliced bread..

  Need4Speed 17:31 27 Nov 2005

Have gone for netgear dg834g option with the 108 instead of 54. Seemed a bargin for £85.

Will you let you know how it goes???????

  pavvi 08:42 28 Nov 2005

I have belkin and have had no problems whatsoever set up in under 5 mins.....

  DuncanG 13:09 28 Nov 2005

I have a Netgear DG834GT and its a dream to use, very easy setup and has been totally stable. I run one wired PC and two laptops from it.

Paid less than £85 for it though on click here

  DuncanG 13:10 28 Nov 2005

Sorry wrong link, the actual router is here: click here

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