Best way to spend £2250

  Judia 19:47 22 Aug 2007

Ive been shopping around but I cant decide on a good balance between the absolute cheepest system in terms of raw numbers, and systems that appear to have less on paper but have opted for higher quality parts.

The best value on paper appearst to be systems from click here but Im a little worried that they seem to use alot of generics, and Im unsure how much that would affect the system.

The limits desired system has relatively few limits, Im looking for a fairly hardcore gaming PC so the focus is on graphics and sound quality:
£2000-£2250, 64bit operating system, 4Gb Ram, 1TB HDD, 20"+ monitor, TV card.

Anyone able to suggest some other sites, I have no interest in self assembling any parts and a 2-3year warrenty is a must.

All and any help appreciated,


  LastChip 21:57 22 Aug 2007

click here= By the time you've selected an operating system and increased the RAM, I'd guess you'll be about the price you want to pay and these guys specialize in performance.

Not sure about the warranty though, but I wouldn't get too hung up on that. There are so many get out clauses, that it makes you wonder if it's worth anything at all.

  ICF 19:41 23 Aug 2007
  I am Spartacus 21:27 23 Aug 2007

Configure a system at click here I've got one and still after 6 months am well pleased with it.

  Totally-braindead 22:27 23 Aug 2007


  SANTOS7 22:59 23 Aug 2007
  Mavisk 18:48 26 Aug 2007

Recently bought the Fusion Raptor from these guys
click here
Rang them up and they upgraded some bits for me as well, ,delivered in ten days like they said.
Well pleased with the PC.

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