Best way to get emails when out and about

  wobbler 13:47 05 Jan 2007

Whats the best way to get and reply to my emails and browse the net when out and about. I intend to travel the world for a few months and wish to have access to my bank accounts etc and emails when in the sticks. What are the best solution/options?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:52 05 Jan 2007

Internet cafes as they are all over the world and you can collect your email from most ISPs web sites.


  The Kestrel 13:55 05 Jan 2007

My son spent several months treking in S America, visiting several different countries in the process, from Ecuador down to Argentina. He always seemed to be able to find an internet cafe or bar with internet access, even in quite small towns in remote areas. Unless you require access on a daily basis or on specific dates, I would think you should be OK in most countries using the above method.

  wobbler 14:00 05 Jan 2007

Need access as and when I require it, due to business commitments which would have to be dealt with as they occur

  Dizzy Bob 17:13 05 Jan 2007

Mobile Data Card,

A PCMCIA card which will give you internet access via the mobile phone network. Coverage is pretty much everywhere unless you are travelling in the back of beyond.

However, please be aware that these are usually sold on a contract basis, similar to mobile phones. The contract will usually include a limited amount of data on the tariff, but will often not include usage abroad. This will be available at an extra cost.

The charges for data downloads can be quite high, especially when abroad as the card uses 'roaming' similar again to a mobile phone.

Vodafone and Orange definately have these, (and i would have thought O2 as well)

I would strongly advise you to calculate the likely costs prior to committing to a contract. You may feel that the convenience is worth the expense, if not, then Gandalf's suggestion is likely to be the most cost effective.

Hope this helps,


  iscanut 10:34 06 Jan 2007

As Gandald says, internet access is widely available throughout the world these days, cafes, hotels, hostels, libraries, etc. You could set yourself up with a Hotmail, Google Mail, Yahoo mail address, or collect direct from your ISP via Webmail if it is supported. Check with your internet provider for the latter.

  wobbler 11:28 06 Jan 2007

OK, assuming I go for the wi fi option, should I opt for a laptop or PDA thingy?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:59 06 Jan 2007

'Travelling the world' with a laptop is like having a big sign glued to your head saying 'mug me please, I am a prat'. You are never more than an hour or two away from an Internet connection in a café or a hotel and no one needs quicker communication than that. If you want to lug expensive, thief friendly kit around with you I would go the PDA/Wi-Fi way but it does assume that you can find a wi-fi connection and I'll bet that there are lots more Intenet cafés and Hotels around.


  Daibus 12:09 06 Jan 2007

You can also use click here which I find excellent and quick for accessing your webmail and addresses from your ISP.

  jarani 22:30 06 Jan 2007

Daibus - this looks good, how does it work ? - jarani

  mikef. 11:15 07 Jan 2007

Just type in you email address and password and that's it

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