Best UK broadband ISP and related questions.

  Hiro Protagonist 13:44 17 Nov 2004

I wanna get broadband at my place and I'm not sure which ISP to choose. Unfortunately I cannot get BlueYonder as I live in an area without Telewest cables. Call me crazy, but I actually thought about getting AOL. They seem to be the only UK ISP without monthly time/download limits and aren't even more expensive than BT or NTL for example. Why exactly does everyone seem to hate them so much anyway? Apart from that, any suggestions which ISP to go with and why? Ideally I don't want to pay more than £25 a month, and have no monthly limits, but I'm not sure if I need to not have a monthly dl limit, as long as it's reasonable. I'm also not sure which connection speed would suit me best (512KB or 1MB). I'm actually not planning on downloading that much stuff, just the odd video here and there and a maybe around 20-40 mp3s a week. I just wanna be able to surf the net a lot and send/receive emails. I'm also thinking about getting into an MMORPG and might spend a lot of time playing online games.

  Hiro Protagonist 13:48 17 Nov 2004

One more thing, this is kinda important, if at all possible I DO NOT want to have to sign a 12 month contract.

  DILLON.T 15:08 17 Nov 2004

Try out Tesco broadband. £20 512k and no limits. I'm not sure which network it piggy backs on to but it is good value.

  Roy* 15:49 17 Nov 2004

I've not got it but looking into click here as it's highly recommended by Which. There are connection charges but if you are transfering from another Broadband ISP these are waved. Anyway have a look at the website as there are a number of options but starts at £15 a month.

If anyone has any comments on plusnet then please drop them in.

  pj123 15:54 17 Nov 2004

Hiro Protagonist, have a look here:

click here

but if you don't want a 12 month contract you are very restricted but the best one that I know of without a contract is:

click here

which is a broadband pay as you go.

they do have a minimum payment and the setup costs are extra

  TomJerry 16:49 17 Nov 2004

Tesco, no limit, no start up fee, free modem, £19.97, do not know about contract period, phone them to find out click here

Virgin Net: no limit, no start up fee, free modem, monthly contract £24.99 click here

why some people do not like AOL, once you are with them, leave them is like divoce.

  Josh123 17:19 17 Nov 2004

I have used F2S for a year now with no problems; it is uncapped and costs £22.50/month.
Tesco has being getting bad posts in this forum; for comparisons of ADSL broadband ISPs take a look at ADSL Guide click here

  TomJerry 17:38 17 Nov 2004

I am very satisified with Tesco's other services (BB with Plusnet) and believe that they can sort what ever problems they have.

  oldbeefer2 17:43 17 Nov 2004

I've been with Vispa for 6 mths. No minimum period, £24.99 a month, no limit to downloads and if you have a problem (I havn't yet), phone calls are at local rates and you end up speaking to a person!

  AFB 23:10 17 Nov 2004

I started with Freeserve about 18 monts ago, they changed to Wanadoo and gave me the option of reducing my monthly fee from £24.99 to £17.99 with a 2Gb limiy (well below what download). Then they gave me an upgrade to 1Mbs for £15 one off and still the same £17.99 per month. My Copperjet modem packed up and they sent me a Speedtouch at NO cost and gave me a FREE month for my trouble. I have no quibbles with Wanadoo except it sounds a bit of a naff name :-)
Where else can you get a lightening fast connection for only £17.99 per month?

  fourjays 18:01 18 Nov 2004

Zen is faultless. Always at top speed and excellent customer services (very little experience with them though). They are the most expensive though. You have to pay to get quality. They have a monthly contract too, no 12 months.

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