Best Sub-£500 Desktop Base Unit

  ross_mcculloch 11:57 27 Dec 2007

It's not for gaming but needs to have good sound or leave enough dosh for an X-Fi Audio Card...any deals around at the mo?

  Strawballs 19:46 29 Dec 2007
  symphony 20:30 29 Dec 2007

Hi Ross.
I'm also on the lookout with your budget.
The best I found is from Cougar:
Intel Core duo (E4500) 2.20 GHZ
250GB Hard Drive
Vista premium.
Posted @ 348.00, leaving me lots for a good monitor. I notice Novatech are a lot dearer.
Ross, you could bump the spec up a bit for more money (you get to choose the innards with Cougar).

Like Ross, I'd be very interested in good deals, especially if there's anything better than the above.

  ross_mcculloch 20:40 29 Dec 2007

click here

I'm going for the Arbico set-up minus the montior plus an x-fi audio card, reallllly hard to beat at £460! (I called them and that#s how much the 6750xl set-up is minus the TFT and adding the soundcard).

  symphony 14:49 30 Dec 2007

That's interesting. It's between Arbico and Cougar at the mo for me. I had assumed Arbico didn't do that setup minus a monitor as it's not offered as an option on their website. looks like I need to give 'em a call...

  Joe R 15:01 30 Dec 2007

Why not check the PC Advisor Budget winners. click here

  gardener 16:06 30 Dec 2007

You can configure a spec from Cougar on their website, there is an option to include the X-Fi card you are after. Cougar are an excellent firm to deal with in my experience.

  ross_mcculloch 17:34 30 Dec 2007

Mentioned on another thread...what do you guys see as the big advantages in buying from cougar, novatech etc Vs the big boys like pc world and dell?

  gardener 12:49 31 Dec 2007

Cougar's after-sales support is excellent. They reply to email queries within hours and are very helpful and friendly. I used to buy from Evesham and they were very good but since their recent troubles I've steered clear and bought my latest PC from Cougar.

The 'big boys'obviously have to handle many more customers and this can lead to disappointing after-sales service (check out the many disgruntled threads on this site).Dell, I understand, have a good all-round reputation but with my recent experience with Cougar I'll be sticking with them.

  symphony 15:20 31 Dec 2007

I'd much rather give my money to a smaller company and get a better deal than I would from the big names. It seems Novatech/Cougar and the like offer a bit more computer for the money. That's what I've found by trawling dozens of sites looking at the specs offered. I am quite new to this though and I could be wrong. Having said that, I looked at a system in PC world, should have been 7 hundred and odd marked down to 499. Good spec but the 22" monitor was appalling. It was a Packard tower and the build quality of the case was quite poor I thought.

  ross_mcculloch 13:38 01 Jan 2008

It's the postage costs that can be a killer sometimes, that Arbico system is £45 to mail! That's enough to suddenly make the price not quite so competitive.

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