Best Priced Brands BEWARE. Not based in UK.

  johnem 17:22 19 Jan 2008

I have recently purchased a Canon Ixus camera from Best Priced Brands following a search on "CIAO".
The general indications on the Best Priced Brands website suggest that it is UK based as it has a address. Wrong it is based in Pasadena, California. It advertises the goods in £ and implies that the stock is from within the UK. Wrong againas the goods are unknowingly imported from the USA once ordered. Upon further checking I found that the registered UK address is 24, Grosvenor Square, London. When I further investigated this address it turns out to be the American Embassy, who obviously have no connections with this company. The camera arrived on the forecasted date via Fedex, as had been indicated after the order had been accepted. The camera was the US version, therefore the warranty documents are invalid in the UK. When the parcel was received it has passed through customs un-noticed as the contents were described as a game with a value of $25.00. The delivery document obviously was shown to represent a £25.00 game, so no use if you wish to try to claim anything. Unfortunately something has gone wrong with the camera that is now 5 months old. I have emailed Best Priced Brands, with no reply as yet. I have contacted a UK Canon agent and have been told, as expected that the warranty is not valid in the UK. A specialist camera repair company has offered to look at the camera and hopefuly diagnose the fault, at a minimum cost of £60.00. Long stort I know, but I wish I had spent as much time researching this company Best Brands, as I had in carefully selecting the right camera. i hope that others out will be very careful if using this company as you do not always get what you have ordered. Lesson learnt its off to Amazon for a new camera.

  Forum Editor 17:43 19 Jan 2008

I've taken a look at the company's website, and it appears that they are not complying with the UK legal requirements for online retail sites - there is no location address or contact information.

In addition, the published terms and conditions are less than comprehensive, and make no mention of your statutory right under the Distance selling regulations to return goods within 7 days of receipt without providing a reason.

I'm attempting to contact the company to discover why they don't make it clear that are not based in the UK

  johnem 18:30 19 Jan 2008

Thanks for your interest in this company. As always it is easy to be wise after the event and a recent google of Best Priced has shown a miriad of disgruntled UK shoppers, some mentioning that they have had a major problem trying to get dead on arrivals exchanged by the company.
Hope you have better luck in getting any response from this company. Although my ggods were paid via Paypal following the search on CIAO, after 5 months there is obviously no recourse that I can take.

  frankie 22:08 20 Jan 2008

i think you do have some chance of monies back in paypal..although the time lapse may negate that,contact them and see,also your credit card if you paid that way,but heads up every one if you shop online do your research,good luck anyway

  johnem 13:37 24 Jan 2008

Still no reply to my e-mails. Will wait a while longer and will contact PayPal as suggested.

  johnem 18:56 29 Jan 2008

Forum Editor,
Just found out a little more about this company as they have just sent me a promotions e-mail. They now have a postal address as follows:
Best Priced Brands, State House, 176 Station Road, Suite 646 Harrow Middlesex HA12AE United Kingdom. When you Google this, it turns out to be a mailbox only located at the company called Mail Boxes. I have now e-mailed the promotions address and will proceed with a letter to the mail box.

  Forum Editor 19:42 29 Jan 2008

for the update - I'll wait to hear how you get on.

  mikeben121 22:07 29 Jan 2008

Annoys me when so many Amazon Marketplace sellers claim to be UK based but then aren't. I have complained to Amazon but they don't seem interested.

In your case I would say the company have been dishonest

  katep 12:32 04 Feb 2008


I have just done a google search on the company and this discussion came up. I also ordered a new camera for a holiday I am taking in 2 weeks and thought the 'maximum delivery time' of 1 month was more than enough time as the delivery was due a week ago. I have emailed them several times but no reply (I even copied Watchdog into these emails). There is no contact number and I am trying to find out if I can get a refund as it is now likely to arrive too late for my trip (if at all). Have you had any joy trying to contact them?

Many thanks

  johnem 18:57 04 Feb 2008

Sorry to hear that you have been BBP'd. Did you get a response from Watchdog? That is due to be my next excercise. Unfortunately, I have not had a reply to any of my e-mails or the letter sent to the mailbox address, maybe they are "work in progress"!!
Hope your camera arrives soon. Contact your credit card company to seek early assistance with your possible refund. PayPal were unable to help me due to the time lapse.
Forum Editor:
Have you had a reply yet?

  nottsbirder 16:15 10 Feb 2008

Hi Again,
My package is on the move again, Ihope.
UPS tracking said:
PHILADELPHIA,PA, US. 10/02/2008 10:34 DEPARTURE SCAN. Tracking results provided by UPS: 10/02/2008 11:05 ET. Whatever that means but i will keepyou informed.
Regards. NB

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