Best place to buy RAM online.

  wmoore 10:20 31 May 2010

Looking at buying some more RAM for the computer
Which online stores have the best prices please.


  hastelloy 11:12 31 May 2010

Crucial click here not the cheapest but by far the best IMHO.

  Forum Editor 11:14 31 May 2010

Crucial is the leader when it comes to quality service and product range.

  onthelimit 11:48 31 May 2010

Crucial also offer an on-line scanner which will check what your mobo is capable of supporting, what is there and what is compatible.

  spuds 12:33 31 May 2010

Crucial are one of the noted 'no-problem' companies, for when things go wrong, or for top advice and delivery.

I myself use a number of companies including Mr Memory,Ebuyer (who stock Crucial and other brands) plus a number from Stateside via eBay. Fingers crossed, never had any problems so far, including old faithfuls like PC133/100's at cheap prices.

Purchasing off-line can get rather expensive, depending on the retailer.

  Miké 14:37 31 May 2010

another member of the click here fan club here!

  john 52 14:41 31 May 2010

Same here crucial superb service !!!

Its unusual to get so many people recommend the same company

  onthelimit 14:50 31 May 2010

Except Amazon!

  Ford Prefect 01 20:31 31 May 2010

Trust all of the above and you will not go wrong.

  ailsa1234 07:28 02 Jun 2010

Crucial is the best place.

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