Best place to buy a desktop online?

  Ashguyver 12:48 31 Jan 2011

HI All,

My first thread so apologies if repeating any other but I couldn't find anything recent on here and with the recent recession a lot of business' have changed drastically in the last year.
I'm in the market for a new desktop and it seems like every company I look at has a plethora of awful reviews and hatemail out there! With this in mind I thought I might take a fresh approach and ask for people to come forward with recomendations of suppliers that they have received good products from / had good experiences with if there were problems.


  birdface 12:59 31 Jan 2011

Amazon or E-Buyer is normally where I get mine.
They also do a free delivery but you may have to wait a few days longer.
Never had any problems with them.
Worth a look .

  birdface 13:01 31 Jan 2011

This one if you require one made to your own spec.

click here

  GaT7 14:00 31 Jan 2011

Also see this recent related thread click here. G

  Chris the Ancient 14:33 31 Jan 2011

I'm with buteman.

I've used Novatech for years with no problems.

  iscanut 14:39 31 Jan 2011

Chillblast or Cougar
click here
click here

  jakimo 17:24 01 Feb 2011

Have you looked here?

click here

  Muergo 18:43 01 Feb 2011

Following the PCAdvisor £500 table I looked at the Chillblast first but they hassled a bout building one exactly as they had sent to PC Advisor at the price and said it would be at least 5 weeks wait.

Arbico (nbr2 on list) said that the PCAdvisor was not listed on their website, had made it to PCAd requirements, but despite VAT increase they stuck to the price in the magazine review.

I have checked the spec now I have the machine and they performed exactly as promised, I paid an extra £20 to have it within a week, I got a £50 discount for using my copy of Windows7 which I already had bought.

I am very pleased with it, the 21" AOC monitor is great and so are the logitec speakers.

Onboard graphics and sound are also well up to standard.

2yrs RTB warranty.

Let's wait and see how I feel in two years time.

  robertmonkford 06:13 03 Feb 2011

I purchased my current desktop from Daevinity; they aren't a large company but I paid less than some companies were charging for the same specification. I've posted on here about them already and I DO recommend them.

For larger companies try SCAN or NOVATECH.


  Forum Editor 08:43 03 Feb 2011

has a plethora of awful reviews and hatemail out there!"

That's because people who have bad experiences tend to make sure that other people know about it. People who have no cause for complaint don't post in web forums.

It's also because the larger companies supply much larger numbers of computers than the smaller ones, and there will be a correspondingly larger number of problems. Percentage wise they may have no more customer complaints than some of the smaller concerns, but it seems as if they do because you see more of them on-line.

Complaints about computer suppliers tend to be more about how they handle customer service issues than about hardware problems. All computer sellers assemble their machines from the same range of components, and the vast majority of new machines work perfectly from day one.

If something does go wrong you'll rely on a company's attitude to customer service, and that's where some suppliers fail - they let you down just when you need them. The chances of you needing help are very slim, as I've mentioned, but it's a good idea to choose carefully, just in case.

Keep an open mind, and remember that company A may be supplying a thousand computers a week, compared to company B's 50 machines a week. Read what people have to say in our forum, but read between the lines - people sometimes complain bitterly about a supplier when in fact a delivery courier may be to blame. Customers may say that a supplier was cool on the phone, when in fact the coolness was because the customer verbally abused someone in the customer service department. Suppliers can often tell just as many horror stories about customers as the other way round.

You've got to make a decision based on something, and obviously you're going to be influenced by what people say - otherwise you wouldn't be asking for advice. In the end the choice is yours, and the good news is that your new machine will almost certainly give you years of trouble-free service.

  Muergo 14:52 03 Feb 2011

From what I understood over the phone from three PC assemblers/manufacturers, PCA does not neccessarily pick a machine off the list advertised by them but lays down guidelines of what you want to test for a target price which the supplier is expected to honour but not a committment.

So you have actually chosen a specification which you regard as optimum for that range.

I think that is perfectly reasonable, how many editorial staff are consulted over this choice?

Prices and/or specifications certainly change fast, looking back to last August, the offers now are much better even in that short time, there is more and better for the same target price.

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