Best pc for using After Effects ? Help needed!

  hannahmac 17:57 30 Jan 2007

I'm after a new desktop computer to run After Effects (+other progs I use dreamweaver/photoshop/fireworks/illustrator etc) and handle it really well. I don't know my arse from my elbow when it comes to the inside of a PC, but from reading about - I know that CPU, RAM and graphics card are the most important when needing to run After Effects:

The PACKARD BELL 2770 INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6400 PROCESSOR + 19" ( click here)

what I've been looking at. I think it's got OpenGL in the graphics card and Ideally I want 2gb Ram - fast cpu and whatever graphics card is needed for something like After effects and other animation packages.

Does anyone know if this will be sufficient for all my After Effects needs? Or is this going to let me down? Maybe you could suggest another with £700 ish squids being my budget (inc monitor)?

My current pc laptop is cack… I can make a brew and butter some toast the time it takes to shift between program screens (was a cheap acer) so I really want something that isn't going to let me down.

Any help would be very much appreciated…any animation genius' out there that might have a recommendation or two would be fab.

Many thanks for your time.


  sean-278262 19:34 30 Jan 2007

I have a simple question or 2 for you. Would you consider self building the entire machine? This will get you more for your money as you can splash out on a graphic design / animation card rather than something aimed for games. However do you play games?

However do consider also looking on
click here
I have seen many a 21inch CRT screen with a total cost of collecting it. CRT I still feel is better than LCD and also if it is free you can look at £700 tower units and get even more grunt.

So can you be driven to building it yourself? And do you need games ability?

  hannahmac 20:42 30 Jan 2007

Many thanks Creature of the nite.

Yes have been tempted to build one myself (or get a dude at work to do it)- didn't realize there were seperate graphic design cards. Am quite sceptical however, as I've heard that self built pc's can crash a fair bit - don't want to spend my time fixing things that I don't really understand.

Am not into gaming at all, unless Lemmings counts?

Thanks again though.


  sean-278262 01:55 01 Feb 2007

lemmings well your going to need to buy a good £4000 PC to play that matey :P. Jokes asside then I would go for a full blown self build. I have managed it guiding a friend who cant tell his monitor from his windows. So it isnt that hard.

Yes there are specific graphic design cards out there. Some costing upwards of 3times that you aim to pay for your computer! These are aimed at as I say specific design packages. I myself have never used one but I know a architech (cant spell at this time of night) who uses a system with one and she tells me of wonders compared to the machines running standard cards.

These are all top end Graphic design cards
click here

Oh and they do work on games but not directly aimed at them.

Regarding building it. I am sure you can find someone to build it for a nominal fee, but there are loads of DIY guides online and everything will come with some form of manual.

Sure if you live in the north east or england give me £25 and some petrol money and a weekend and I will happily do it for you! Pig in s*** me when it comes to playing with the insides of a PC.

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