best PC deals for under £400 or less?

  Jinsie 15:52 28 May 2011

Apologies in advance for the high levels of naivety in this post! A bit of exposition, so skip this paragraph if you want to cut to the chase... Last night my 4-year-old Acer Aspire finally conked out (1GB RAM), and after panicking got an iMac downtown this morning, their smallest model, 21.5'' screen, from which i type now. I made sure to check about their returns policy, which is allegedly 14 days. Whilst this is all very swish and I'm already becoming too cosy with it, buyer's guilt is gnawing away and my financial state is such that it's hard to even justify this as a wise investment.

So, having glazed over Currys' site and seen some more prudent cheapo deals, i thought i'd ask people who know the score - just so i don't get totally screwed.

Are Currys even worth their salt? The Aspire I ordered online back in 2007 was via a site I forget that came highly recommended, it seemed user-based and I felt I was getting a good deal at the time.

I'll be using the computer for the internet a lot, word processing and music. I have a full 70gig external hard drive so I'd like enough room to tide me over until i can afford to upgrade on that. Just in the market for something cheap and reliable basically, and any hints anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

thanks, Jinsie

  Jinsie 17:25 28 May 2011

just spotted the typo in the thread title. d'oh

  The Kestrel 19:37 28 May 2011

Link doesn't take you to the PC, so don't know what specs or budget you are working to. If you are happy to buy online there are better deals available, try ebuyer and Novatech, both reputable sellers.

  onionskin 23:50 31 May 2011

Take a look at the Argos Outlet Store on ebay, especially if you would consider buying a refurbished PC, e.g. this one You get the odd bargain in the price-cuts section and the clearance section of the main Argos website, though the clearance section seems to be less up to date than the ebay page.

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