Best PC (base) for around £600

  Lee A 15:05 02 Jan 2009

Hi, i've been looking for a while now to buy a new PC and my budget is around £600. My ideal spec is a E8500, ATI 4850 and 4GB of RAM with vista home premium.

I'm not going to be overclocking or using crossfire in the future so I'm not too fussed in getting any special mobo. Just as long as it all works fine!

A few PC's I already have in mind are the Zuben ST16 from Cube274 for £600 (inc delivery)
click here

However, I have heard some things about cube and the fact they don't detail the exact model/spec of the parts they use such as the mobo and ram does worry me slightly.

Other places I have looked at cougar-extreme and upgraded a system to that spec for just over £600 and computer planet for £600.

So I was wondering if there are any other simmilar deals out there (or better) and which one do you most recommend I go for? Thanks.

  pcmags 15:17 02 Jan 2009

Have you looked @ click here

  Lee A 15:29 02 Jan 2009

Yeah I did look at Novatech, problem is their systems just don't seem to have much RAM. Is there a way to customize? Because I can't see an option. The one closest the the spec I want would be the Ricochet for (£573 inc vista) with the Q8200 and 4850, but it only comes with 2gb of ram.

  pcmags 15:56 02 Jan 2009

Just ring them up & ask for more RAM!
It's really that easy when dealing with them.

  Lee A 16:30 02 Jan 2009

I see thanks, well that gives me another option. But I still have the dilemma of which one to go for. The E8500 generally out performs the Q8200 from what I have seen in benchmarks, so the other options would still be more ideal. But I guess it is just a matter of how good quality are they and how good is the service?

  pcmags 16:36 02 Jan 2009

Novatech service is one of the best out their.
Google Novatech & u get some complaints, but not as much as some!

  Lee A 17:32 02 Jan 2009

So would you say then it is worth going for the slightly lower spec Novatech over the others for that extra bit of confidence?

  ICF 17:38 02 Jan 2009

Lots of good feedback of this firm click here

  Lee A 18:29 02 Jan 2009

Yeah, just did some quick research on cougar and they seem good. Also their prices aren't bad either.

I was just wondering though what PSU would you recommend (considering my spec of E8500, 4850). Should the 550 watt Colours-It PSU be fine?

  Lee A 17:23 03 Jan 2009

Also, does anyone know what version of vista they use? 64bit or 32bit?

  trikadoc 13:01 07 Jan 2009

hi, in your last responce about what vista do people use, i for 1 have two copies of vista ultimate 32bit and 64bit, they both are verry similar in looks however some aplications are not 64 compatible but dont let that stop you as there is always a way of getting around these issues try forums for one or as people say "google is your friend" clich'e. also another factor to consider is as per microsoft they have announced un-oficially that after their next operating system "windows 7®" all other operating systems will be 64bit. so i guess in a way that can be a bonus. but its down to you. im sure you could get 32bit now and when 64bit is more stable and out of its "Beta" shell then sure whats the harm in upgrading? anyways thats wat i got to say about the 64 / 32 bit subject. hope you do eventually find the right system for you soon. good luck =þ

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