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  second best 13:24 24 Jul 2004

hi, i have recently discovered, a company based in guernsey. they have a wide range and are of the cheapest i have came accross on the net. however, there seems to be a sales tax on an order i placed. i recieved a parcel this morning but had to pay an extra £53.35 on the spot in order to recieve it. i was horrifed and refused to accept it. i have just checked out their site and it does say very brielfy, that a sales or duties tax may be levied upon recipt, but no idea of how much this could be, and is my responsibility. i have sent them an e-mail explaining my concern.

i'm not entirely sure what i'm asking here. but a good start would be can i send it back and get a refund, as i had seen the caera cheaper, now that i have the added £53 to pay. also, can you reccomend a site with no hidden costs.

  SEASHANTY 14:06 24 Jul 2004

No you cannot now send it back. The extra charge is
UK customs vat charges and Postal collection charge.
You will have to pay this before the goods will be
handed over to you. If you do not pay the goods will now be returned to the UK customs depot and will stay there until auctioned off. You will still have to pay 7dayshop. The reason for all this is that 7dayshop are based in Guernsey which is outside the European vat zone and is vat free UNTIL the goods are sent to the U.K. If picked up by C&E then UK vat is payable. Some parcels slip thru the net but apparently yours hasn't. It is a risk you take when ordering from the channel islands. All goods costing
over £18 are subject to vat.

  SEASHANTY 14:17 24 Jul 2004

The previous PCA thread on the tax issue is listed here
click here

  spuds 14:49 24 Jul 2004

7day shop do offer some good products at very reasonable prices. But in recent months problems have arisen via C&E,which have caused great concern to many people on the outcome of their 'bargain' purchase.

Some items over the £18 limit, do escape the various duties and handling charges levied by the C&E and postal service, but this is becoming more difficult as the C&E are getting more interested in the 'offshore' packages. That is one reason 7day shop as included this fact into their trading terms.

I do not think that 7day shop will offer you their returns procedure, as they would then have need to absorb your losses as theirs, through no fault of their internet advertising and sales. To refuse the item on delivery, as now left you in the position of paying for an item which will not belong to you, until you have paid the extra surcharges.

  second best 14:49 24 Jul 2004

thanks for that seashanty, as usual for me, information too late, but like it is said so often in the link you provided, we live a learn.

  Stormpool 22:22 24 Jul 2004

What about the 7 day distance selling regulation?

If goods are purchased via the web or telesales, you have a 7 day cooling off period in which you can reject the goods for a full refund.

  spuds 23:06 24 Jul 2004

I think that you may find that the distance selling regulations do not apply to 'offshore' companies.

  SEASHANTY 11:14 25 Jul 2004

Stormpool : Once the goods are in the U.K. they have been legally IMPORTED at your request (as per the order). Because they have been imported vat is payable. The UK C&E will not release the goods until
you settle the import duty, vat, and the couriers additional charge of around £4 for collecting the taxes on behalf of Customs and Excise. This is your responsibility if you placed the order. The same regulations apply to imports from all other countries outside the European Union e.g U.S.A.,
Canada, Australia etc.

  Forum Editor 12:07 25 Jul 2004

you must pay the the necessary duty and VAT before the goods will be released to you. Your position vis a vis 7day shop is not affected - you placed an order to import the goods and they have complied. Their obligation under the contract has been fulfilled, and you must pay them whatever happens.

  second best 12:30 25 Jul 2004

oh bugger. ok then, well, i'm just waitng to hear from them to see if they will give me a sweetner of somekind. i've ordered 363 pounds worth of gear in one go on my credit card, with an order waitng to be placed to the value of around one hundred, plus more as the weeks pass. if they can't see me right, even though it seems they've actually done nothing worng, then i won't be ordering anything more. i'm relying on their business ethic to do the right thing. maybe i'm expecting too much, but i'll let you know. thanks all.

  joelmb 16:39 27 Jul 2004

I know this is a parallel post but might be of use to the other chap in the unfortunate position that i'm in which has wasted me about 3 weeks in not having the goods, not least my time in chasing and not getting any responses from 7dayshop.

I spoke to customs & excise about this. If you cancel goods under the 7 day period after receiving (or attempted delivery) then you either don't have to pay the VAT at all as you haven't kept the goods, or you can get it refunded by C & E if you have already paid it but have returned the goods.

In my case I rejected delivery and the goods are being returned to the supplier, thus my avoiding having to pay carriage costs. Royal Mail then apparently pay the VAT, and by returning them back out of the country to the supplier they get the VAT refunded by C & E.

End of the day my lesson learnt was not to buy from 7dayshop or similar ever again. I've since seen the goods on amazon/ebuyer and others at £30 cheaper than the price I'd have paid if I'd also paid the VAT onto 7dayshop's price.

Other thing is 7dayshop told me its not a UK warranty (they're US imported goods) and any problems incurred would mean returning the item to them at my own cost, rather than under a Canon warranty. Seeing as you cannot ever get any response from 7dayshop this didn't fill me with any confidence.

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