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  Diodorus Siculus 13:04 31 Mar 2008

Hi, I'll be going away from the UK from September for an extended period of time and am wondering what will be the best email provider to use.

I have accounts with both Hotmail and Yahoo and they seem ok but I'd like to hear of people's experinces with them for long term reliablity. I've rarely used either as my ISP (BTConnect) gives me webmail. However, this account will be closed when I start travelling.

I will need an account that has plenty of space for emails, one that will not expire if not logged into for a period of time and one that allows filtering of messages so that I can keep up with my many subscriptions.

I am happy to pay a yearly fee if that will be an advantage.

Many thanks, Dio

  Diodorus Siculus 13:10 31 Mar 2008

Also, now that I think of it, some way that I can synchronise my phone (Win Mobile 6) calendar and contact online would also be great.

Thanks, Dio

  SURVEY 14:59 31 Mar 2008

I have had some problems abroad using BTYahoo and Hotmail. I now use Gmail and that gives me quick loading and less SPAM. Very impressed

  amonra 15:00 31 Mar 2008

I've had GMail for years, highly recommended.

  Ventad 15:32 31 Mar 2008

I use hotmail never had any problems any where I have travelled. people keep in contact and emails are always on line.

  BigCoolBob 16:29 31 Mar 2008

I use both Hotmail and Gmail. Both are very good, however I have noticed that Gmail is slightly more reliable (not saying Hotmail isnt). Hotmail can sometimes have moments when it 'thinks' for long enough for the page to time out, and I have never had that problem with Gmail, even with emails with large files attached.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:20 31 Mar 2008

Thanks for those opinions; anyone using a paid for / premium service?

I may well begin to switch over to one of the webmail accounts soon and see how it goes.

  wee eddie 18:44 31 Mar 2008

If you do not want to risk losses you need the paid-for part of Hotmail @ about £15pa

  Diodorus Siculus 18:57 31 Mar 2008

Thanks wee eddie; do you have experience of it or know of any online reviews?

Cheers, Dio

  walesrob 19:08 31 Mar 2008

I hear this question asked many times, and believe me, there are many email providers out there besides Hotmail/GMail/AOL/Yahoo.

I have used Fastmail for years as my email provider; costs starting at £7 a year, you get superior spam protection, POP/IMAP/SMTP/Webmail access, message forwarding, email pickup from other accounts, unlimited filters, etc, etc, as well as excellent customer support.

I would NEVER recommend Hotmail to anyone, part of the reason I switched to a paid service. Hotmail (for me anyway) had a habit of randomly deleting emails and wrongly identifying legit email as spam and sending spam to the inbox.

click here

Other paid services to look at:


  Diodorus Siculus 08:26 03 Apr 2008

Thanks for your comments walesrob.

Any other thoughs on what one to go with?

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