Best Motherboard, Processor and Graphics Combo!

  java.a 21:04 12 Aug 2005

hey all, i want to upgrade my pc (i will be using the system for gaming). At the moment i have an Asus K8V se Delux motherboard with a AMD 64 3ghz and a Saphire Radeon X800XL graphics card.

Basically im not happy with it and i think i want to have an SLI set up. Whats the best combination that i could have with a budget of £600?

At the moment im thinking about:

Abit Fatal1ty SLI (skt 939)
2 x XFX 6600GT
AMD 64 4ghz (skt 939)

Any recommendations would be great, thanks.

  total_pc 08:52 13 Aug 2005

I have recently bought an Abit AN8 board, (Fatal1ty's little brother), and I am having serious issues with the bios. Its ok so long as you don't turn the machine off or plug a usb mouse into it. Occasionally it tells me my cpu has been changed and more recently it has loaded fail safe defaults. The only way to reload the performance settings is to completely remove the battery for about 10 mins. I have been on to Abit and they kindly told me not to overclock my cpu.. Its a 3800+ running XP 64 and I would be happy if it ran stable, let alone overclocked... Don't know if the problems I have are isolated to me or if I just have a dodgy board but I don't rate Abit's "tech" support.. Come back Intel.. all is forgiven!!!

  Stuartli 21:58 13 Aug 2005

>>Whats the best combination that i could have with a budget of £600?>>

A question that's probably the equivalent of how long is a piece of string..:-)

There will be many different combinations and the only answer is careful study, reading the reviews and checking out prices.

  Totally-braindead 10:48 14 Aug 2005

Have to agree with Stuartli here, theres not one particular combo thats better than the rest.You've a pretty fast system there as mines only a 2500 what in particular are you not happy about? I've built a few computers now and the makes I like are Asus, MSI and Gigabyte, also builta computer using a SOYO board a good while ago and a friend of mine has it now and its still going strong. I've also used a PC Chips and an Asrock board on budget systems which are all running ok after 2+ years though I wouldn't recommend them for a high end system.

  jimmybond 19:53 15 Aug 2005's twice as long as if it's folded in the center, and measured.

  citadel 20:19 15 Aug 2005

If you want sli it might be better to wait until the next generation of motherboards that will allow both cards to work at 16x.

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