Best Mobile Phone Provider

  MrBen CI:-) 14:33 28 Oct 2007

So who's the best for coverage & service?

  SB23 14:40 28 Oct 2007

Personally, I would say O2.

Had been with them for years, left for a few months, because I thought I was offered a better deal. That didn't really happen, so I went back to them.

I cannot fault O2 for coverage and service.


  tullie 15:13 28 Oct 2007

Ive been with vodafone for many years,im happy

  Clapton is God 15:16 28 Oct 2007

Coverage? click here

  pchelper001 18:52 01 Nov 2007

if it helps, i have been with o2 since when it first started after it changed from bt cellnet. Best phone company around. Great coverage and cheap tarriffs. i have never had any problems.

  Zak 19:49 01 Nov 2007

Is best for me - £15 pm for 500 minutes p month for life contract, free handset. Inclusive minutes anytime to all UK mobile nos plus 01 and 02 land line nos.

So far no problems with either coverage or service. I bought contract directly from Three.

In fact service is excellent. My handset needed attention and I was advised to take it to Carphonewarehouse repair centre under guarantee. Problem fixed within 2 days.

Bills received on time etc and are very clear and detailed, can't ask for more.

Current deals offer mixtures of inclusive text and min and less than my deal, but offers do change.

I would recommend to consider by anyone looking for a new provider or contract.

  pavvi 20:18 01 Nov 2007

It all depends what you want and you haven't said wht you're after. Coverage is going to be completely down to what area you live in. Outside of the main conurbations you are going to find that some networks will be better than others. Use a coverge checker which you can find on all the networks' websites, although these aren't written in stone.

Some coverage can vary according to the thickness of the walls of the building that you in, or even the weather. Standards of service will always vary, as will the best deal for you based on normal useage. There are also calculators available on certain websites to help you find what deal is better for you.....

  FatboySlim71 21:58 01 Nov 2007

Ive been with o2 for around 7 years and I cannot fault them, never can I remember any down time on the network. I have found their coverage excellent, I have often been in the position where I can get coverage and my friends who are on Vodafone cannot.

  haterofthree 14:08 16 Apr 2008

I have had terrible experiences with three and I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. The service range is terrible, and because of it I can't download anything, but I tried several times and found out that three charge me for these attempts even though the download failed. Then when I phoned to complain, they told me their refund limit was £5 so that was all I was getting. I had no idea that I would be charged for a failed download, is this common practice? Yes, they are cheap, but I can scarely use my free minutes as there is no where I get enough service to phone anyone anyway!

  belfman 14:18 16 Apr 2008

Vodafone gives better coverage in my area than o2. I used o2 for several years before switching to Vodafone as WAP was cheaper and better, as well as a slightly better deal on calls.

  FatboySlim71 16:38 16 Apr 2008

Its swings and roundabouts I suppose, some people may find o2 will give better coverage in a certain location than Vodafone or T Mobile or 3 and vice versa. I know friends I have who are on Vodafone often complain at how quickly the signal/coverage goes off on their phone, personally I have never noticed this with o2.

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