Best ISP for my outlook email

  IanCross 11:06 27 Jun 2014

Hi there,

I have a bit of a convoluted question. I work from home and use Microsoft Outlook email. Over the years, I've had a problem with my outgoing emails being blocked by spam filters, and not reaching my customers. As far as I can tell, the problem might be because I use a three dongle, and there is a problem with the three SMTP being on Spam lists (I don't have a problem sending emails through my blackberry for example).

So, a) am I right about what's causing my problem? and b) if so, what is the best internet provider for me to choose if I wan't to continue to use Microsoft Outlook, but don't want the headache of this spam problem?

Many thanks,


  alanrwood 19:43 27 Jun 2014

I don't suppose that the ones that don't get them are on AOL are they

  Woolwell 20:50 27 Jun 2014

Are you referring to Outlook the program or

  alanrwood 13:53 28 Jun 2014

Incidentally why do you use a "3" dongle as opposed to a normal land line ISP.

I use a "3" dongle for 8 months of the year whilst I am at my holiday caravan where I spend most of the summer months and have never experienced the problem of "3" being on spam lists. Your individual email address may be on a list but I doubt if the whole domain is spammed.

  Forum Editor 19:04 28 Jun 2014

I have used BT broadband since it was first launched, and have never had a problem with Outlook.

When I'm on the move I use BT WiFi hotsots on my laptop with Outlook and/or a EE microSim in my iPad using the built in iPad software, and haven't had any email problems.

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