Best Hard Drive for OS and program files

  maidenlewes 19:24 28 Jun 2007

Apart from the 10KRPM Raptor hard drives (which I can't justify spending the money on), can you please recommend me a hard drive that can be used for my OS (Vista) and program files (probably under 100GB) that also:

1) Is fast (especially for boot/game load times)
2) Is quite when seeking (I don't mind a consistently noisy drive, but I dislike scratching seek noises)
3) Reliable - I don't want it to crash anytime soon
4) Not really large (I don't want to be tempted to store masses of files on it).

I am really struggling to decide. All the drives I've seen (WD, Seagate, Maxtor) look cheap and unreliable. surely there is a 'solid' drive which fits my spec? Thanks in advance.

Relevant Spec:
Intel Pent 4 945 (soon to be C2D e6600)
2GB Ram
8800GTS GeForce gfx
600watt iGreen power

  I am Spartacus 19:43 28 Jun 2007

Samsung Spinpoint SATA II drives have been winning awards for speed click here

You may need to register to see the results.

  GaT7 21:09 28 Jun 2007

The best value, & which isn't too large, is the 320Gb Samsung HD321KJ Spinpoint T166 at £50-51 delivered click here (the complete list of Spinpoints click here). Btw, that's also the cheapest I could find it.

Thanks for the link I am Spartacus. I realise in real world terms one wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but I shall be going for one of those Samsungs when I build my next PC. G

  I am Spartacus 21:31 28 Jun 2007

I have 2 of those SATA HD321KJ 320GB disks bought on the recommendation of a friend and glad I followed his advice. Quiet as well as fast.

  Why wont it work 10:38 29 Jun 2007

anything by Seagate is pretty good. They're good enough that they all come with a 5 year warranty which most manufacturers do not give (it's normall 3).

Look for the Seagate Barracuda 7200.10, they're very quick, even keeping up with older raptors in some cases. You're not missing much by not getting a raptor, I have the 150gb version as my main drive, it only makes a difference when loading games etc, windows is no quicker- in fact it loads slower than on my pc with a 7200rpm drive, so there we go!

  Probabilitydrive 15:38 29 Jun 2007

If you have money to burn try this one click here

The watered down version (36 GB) maybe attainable for the mere mortal click here

If you really want to go into startrek territory with a hyperdrive here

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