best firewall buy?

  jamesleaf 16:07 06 Dec 2006

I need to find the best firewall package out there that will save my pc from hackers. What can I buy?

I have norton internet security 2006 and need to upgrade soon.

I have sky broadband and pay £5 a month. I dont know if the sky broadband has a firewall built into the netgear.

But any how, I would like to buy a top quality firewall software that will help me protect from hackers.

I have wireless laptop and have heard that its easy to access wireless laptops. I also have a desktop that is connected through an ethernet cable. Is it possible to hack into this?

Any help would be great.

  The Kestrel 17:14 06 Dec 2006

Why buy a firewall when there are many very good free firewalls available. Many of the contributers, like myself, have used these free firewalls for many years without being taken over by hackers. i personally use Zonealarm and am very satisfied with its performance. Others will recommend other equally good ones.

For a list of free firewalls click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:37 06 Dec 2006

You have more chance of winning the EuroLotto than being hacked on a home computer. Take The Kestrels' advice and choose a free one. You would be mad to pay.


  spuds 00:13 07 Dec 2006

"I need to find the best firewall package out there.."

One of the products suggested above in the link: ZoneAlarm for free.

  FatboySlim71 22:17 07 Dec 2006

I agree with The Kestrel "Why buy a firewall when there are many very good free firewalls available"

I once bought Norton Internet Security and got sick and tired of it taking over the system. I now use Comodo firewall which is free and is regarded by some (me included) to be the best free firewall around, ive used it for a while now and I find it A1, it is light on your system resources as well.

click here

  gudgulf 23:08 07 Dec 2006

Follow the links in click here for a comparison of many firewalls.

In particular look at ZoneAlarm (free) and Comodo (also free).

I use Comodo and find it by far the best I have used........It does inform you of any applications which have changed (through updates etc) and can produce a lot of internet access warnings.But that's only because it has an efficient HIPS engine.You can turn that off if you like.

Performance wise....well, see for yourself (follow the links).

It may not be the best choice for you,that is a personal opinion,but well worth trying.I wont be changing it for a different firewall,that's all I will say.

  jamesleaf 16:33 09 Dec 2006

ok so out with norton firewall and in with zonealarm.

What about norton anti virus? What do you use?

Norton anti virus just protects files, right?

  SB23 16:40 09 Dec 2006

I agree with gudgulf.
I alternate between Zonealarm and Comodo, both are free, and very good.

You also mention an antivirus, again, why pay? I'm using Avast and have very few problems.

  The Kestrel 16:57 09 Dec 2006

An alternative antivirus to Avast is AVG Free. This is again used by many contributers to this forum.

  terryf 17:27 09 Dec 2006

You mentioned netgear, did you mean that you have a Netgear router which has its own built in firewall

  gudgulf 18:13 09 Dec 2006

For antivirus comparisons click here and follow the online results link.

You will find that Norton av performs very well.

There are alternatives of course......I'm using Avira AntiVir at the moment and it works well on my system.

Very low overheads and practically no impact on system performance.The result given is for the paid for products.The free version I use lacks anti adware/spyware detection and POP3 e-mail scanning.

Norton is up with the best......but personal preference is for AntiVir or NOD32.Both of these have very low system impact.

For a comparison of the best free av programs (AntiVir,Avast and AVG) click here

Remember that none of these free avs have anti adware/spyware so dont forget to add one of those scanners too.

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