Best entry level digital camera

  donki 10:29 21 May 2009

Hi guys,

Been doing a little research for my girlfriend as she is in the market for a new P&S. As compact as possible and as "pretty" as possible. so I have came up with 3 and wonderign if any of you have any exerience or indeed any alternatives.

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS6 click here

2. Canon Ixus 80 IS click here

3. Sony Cybershot DSCW210P click here

I have a Canon 450d DSLR which I love and a Sony P&S which is over 4 years old but IMO is an one of the best P&S ive used a DSC-p200, so I know she woudl be happy with the quality of either the canon or the Sony, both of which I have memory cards for. With the Panasonic I have heard great things and to be honest id like her to get it so I could toy with it. Any sugestions? Also anyone have experience with any of the Nikon Finepix series?


  Terry Brown 13:40 21 May 2009

If you have a 'Jessops'(Camera shop) nearby (or go online) to click here, and have a look at the range, you may be suprised.

I suggest (if possible) go to the shop as then you can see and feel the camera to see if it is right for you (or your lady), as what you see on screen can be dissapointing when you actually hold it.

  skidzy 14:14 21 May 2009

What a tough choice !

I can speak from experience regarding the Canon ixus range,very acurate in colours,quick and hard to find a fault.However you do lose a little optical zoom over the other models.

Most of the Lumix models perform very well as do the Sony's.

The latest technology is pretty much on a par and will be hard to tell the difference.

I use to have a Nikon coolpix sorry cannot remember the model,but was all metal...the best point and shoot ive ever owned and a big mistake getting rid of it.

My current point and shoot is the Sony T70 cracking little camera with touchscreen click here but obviously not a patch on my dslr.

You have a tough choice,but if i had to pick from your 3 would be the Lumix,but i would want to hold them all first.

Though i can say this...go for the pink one :-)))

  donki 14:54 21 May 2009

Cheers guys, I know PINK!!! Not my choice but then again its not my cameras :). Were goign to go to Jessops on Sataurday and have a hands on with anything we like the look of... then probably go hoem and buy online :).

Just wanted to see if anyone had any direct experience of any of the 3.

Intresting that you rate the CoolPix, I will have a look at it in Jessops.

  interzone55 15:15 21 May 2009

I've got to say I'm very happy with my Canon PowerShot and can't see the ixus being much different.

My sister has a Panasonic which is simply stunning.

I wouldn't touch any Sony products at the moment - they're generally good quality, but when anything goes wrong their support is like talking to a brick wall, and their staff canteen is electronic pre-payment only, so when I had a meeting there a couple of months back I was advised to pop into Weybridge for my dinner then to return in an hour for the rest of the meeting - I didn't go back.

Anyway, enough of my anti-Sony prejudice. seeing as I like both Panasonic & Canon equally the final decision will be down to which is prettier, and I think the Canon wins that one...

  skidzy 16:21 21 May 2009

My choice if spending around £200 (little over) would be this for a compact point and shoot click here

If you decide on the Lumix range,i would pay that little extra and get something from the TZ series.

Just an idea.

  961 17:04 21 May 2009

Leads me to say that if it's small enough to go in the pocket, it will be there when she wants to use it for that once in the lifetime moment

If it won't go in her pocket it will either be in the car glove compartment or in the drawer at home and she'll end up taking a fuzzy waste of time on her mobile

For what it's worth I've got both Canon and Panasonic

The one that is always available, 'cos it's always in my pocket is a Canon Ixus

And with modern software it produces A4 pictures to die for

  Totally-braindead 19:13 21 May 2009

Depends what you wish to do with it really, I like this site for reviews click here steves digicams has many cameras on it and the reviews are full and rather good.

  skidzy 20:47 21 May 2009

Hi Donki

Ive been searching high and low for the old Nikon i use to have as i forgot the model number.

Here it is click here this was the best compact digital ive ever had (and ive had a few lol).Obviously no help to you now,but if Nikon are still producing great little compacts...its got to be something to consider.

I will always regret selling this little camera...:-((

  DANZIG 08:15 22 May 2009

This one (Olympus mini) is brilliant. I've had it for a couple of years now and have, in my opinion, taken some cracking pictures with it.

click here#

Also the way its designed I find excellent as it slides into your pocket really easily. Don't go for the black one though as the guy in Jessops told me - "It looks great......until you touch it!".

The screen might be a bit small for some tastes however I've never had an issue with it.

  aca 08:25 24 May 2009

Just got this after looking at reviews

click here

Great price fro ebuyer (inc case and 2GB SD card)

click here

very compact and great value.

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