Best desktop for £2500

  Uboat 18:01 25 Jan 2011

Hi guys i'm looking to spend around £2.5k on a desktop and ive been boggled down with websites offering deals that dont really seem like a good deal?
i would be looking for finance but i have a huge deposit to lay down so i wondered does anyone know of any companies that are doing a rig like this spec for that price please.?

Liquid Cooling
Decent graphic card

  mr simon 18:26 25 Jan 2011

On the right here? click here

  OTT_B 21:49 25 Jan 2011

Can ask why liquid cooled when you've not said that it should be overclocked? That aside, a lot of liquid cooling systems don't benefit over air cooling by vast amounts, cost a lot more and are no quieter.

Personally, for that money, I'd either buy from Alienware (i.e. Dell), or build yourself.

To me, the PC for £2.5k in mr simon's link doesn't represent good value for money; Vista OS (why???????), no SSD drive and a good, but not great, single graphic card.

  Woolwell 22:09 25 Jan 2011

What are you going to be using it for? This helps with the specifications. Does this include monitor, speakers, etc?

  Uboat 22:52 25 Jan 2011

Hi guys! so sorry to be vague, i want it for pure gaming..
i aint bothered about a OS or monitor cause ive got them, i wanted a liquid cooled simply to handle the heat

i have to agree with OTT_B on Mr Simons link it was very pricey for what they are offering..

Thankx guys


  Forum Editor 23:22 25 Jan 2011

and I'm moving it from Speakers Corner now.

  OTT_B 09:30 26 Jan 2011

If it's a gaming PC then, unless you intend overclocking, spend the money on better graphic card(s), rather than watercooling.

As i said before, a decent air cooler gives the same performance as a water cooling system, but for a fraction of the cost.
Quite apart from anything, for gaming PCs, the best cooling results come from a good water cooling system on the graphic card(s). This is rarely done by shop bought, water cooled PCs, which usually stick to cooling the CPU, leaving the rest of the motherboard requiring fans to keep it cool. That's a bit of an over generalisation as there are water cooling systems that have adaptors to fit over chipset heatsinks. It's just a question as to whether they are being used on the system that you buy.

  Uboat 12:34 26 Jan 2011


Thanks i will take note of what you've explained! its a good point..



  Uboat 12:35 26 Jan 2011


Thanks i will take note of what you've explained! its a good point..



  gengiscant 13:11 26 Jan 2011

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