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  jorema 16:45 29 Feb 2004

I am presently with Freeserve anytime and having just purchased a new laptop wish to sign up to Broadband and network the two computers. It seems to be a minefield out there with different offers, can anyone advise me which deal is best bearing in mind I don't need a free modem juxt a good monthly rate!

  Kinder Scout 16:57 29 Feb 2004

There is lots of useful information on here, click here

  bamfiesler 20:55 29 Feb 2004

go to click here before you do anything. There is a wealth of info on that site.
I finally went with Demon (although Firefly came v. close) after the awful service from Virgin.Net had me banging on the Broadband door.

And don't be fooled by ISPs like Tiscali offering 'Broadband' for £15/month.


  JerryJay 21:12 29 Feb 2004

If you want ASDL, you have "no option" strictly speaking because all provided by BT. Different provider just different reseller. However, serive differ greatly. You may go links given above to compare.

I am using click here, monthly charge £18.99. I am very satisfied with it. I chose it because the monthly charge. As it charge a activiation fee, so you do not save much money compare with BT etc in the first 12 months, but you will save £10 a month after 12 months.

You are right not to us modem provided by ISP provider because the modem they provide are mostly usb modem which is not really suitable for network multiple PCs. For your set up, I think a multiport router with build-in modem is the best option, you can even get wireless one if you want to do it wirelessly.

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