best deal needed

  brucezx7r 18:23 25 Feb 2004

hi, i am looking to buy a pc for £1000 inc a 17" tft. the best i've seen advertised seems to be TINY's power 3000 s2420 @ £895.52.
alternatively, i was looking at "own spec " built machines at eclipse, but i had a sh*te pc off them years ago. are they any better? is there anyone better?
i am still looking elsewhere, but i am getting needy.
thanks for any views.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:51 25 Feb 2004

click here matrix 64 3000


  961 19:12 25 Feb 2004

Pleased be advised to spend some time at click here reading the reviews on the various computer manufacturers and the service they offer

You don't say what you want the computer for, but my view is that very few folk need to spend more than £600/£700 to get a system that will run the software they plan to use as fast as it will go

Read the reviews at Toms Hardware about flat screens before you decide not to buy a CRT

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