Is this the best deal for £700?

  eddybee 19:52 10 Apr 2005

After about 10 years, i've decided to buy a new pc. I've been looking around and this system from tiny seems ok for the price:

click here

i've heard a lot of bad things about tiny, but surely its too good a deal to miss? Or am i just daft? I don't know too much about graphics cards so i'm a bit unsure when comparing pcs beacuse of this.

Any recommendations for this clueless shopper are warmly welcomed

  Starfox 20:11 10 Apr 2005

Depends what you want the pc for.If your not a gamer then it should be o.k but the graphics card isn't too exciting.

  TomJerry 21:13 10 Apr 2005

but it is not good for fast moving boy's games

graphics card is not good, but you can replace it if you need it in future

monitor is not good for fast moving games becuase the response time of 20ms is too slow, better to get under 16ms. It may (just may) have jerk effect for some fast moving movies for DVD playing.

  eddybee 21:20 10 Apr 2005

So the graphics card is rubbish and the monitor ain't too hot.

I do want the computer for kinda general things but i also want it to play games pretty well. I want a machine that won't need upgrading for a year or two preferably (and will still at least be able to play new games during that time).

Suppose i better look elsewhere. Cheers for the response.

  Starfox 21:29 10 Apr 2005

Didn't say rubbish,just not a good games machine.

If you want to play the latest games there are better alternatives.

Have a look at this for an example of a gaming pc click here the price is not far of that tiny pc if you account for delivery and warranty.

More examples click here

  TomJerry 23:42 10 Apr 2005

what games do you want to play?

  Starfox 23:48 10 Apr 2005

Problem is,if you are restricted to price it is not easy to decide what is best but I do think you only get what you pay for.

Most gamers buy for specification and not price,difficult part is finding a happy medium.:o)

  eddybee 23:59 10 Apr 2005

I'd like to play Doom 3 and other FPSs. The last FPS i played on a PC was probably Quake 2 with pretty bad graphics (all the settings were quite low).

I suppose it is a trade off. I still want to be able to play games that come out next year, albeit probably on lower resolutions etc. Just as long as i can still play them. It's the damn graphics cards i don't have a clue about.

Is this a decent graphics card? it was on a pc i was looking at:
256MB PCI-Express nVidia GeForce 6800

Thanks for all the help too.

  helmetshine 00:35 11 Apr 2005

If it's a plain or LE version of the 6800 it's still far better than the FX5200,if it's a GT it's a really good card,if it's the Ultra it's a great card

  Starfox 01:16 11 Apr 2005

Requires a fairly good graphics card to play at decent frame rates,a 6800 will cope quite well whichever model be it LE or top of the range Ultra.The FX 6600 gt is cheaper and plays almost as well.

  simonp1 08:37 11 Apr 2005

Try this, Gladiator Trident 64 3200 £699.00

This will play doom, and will last a good while tbh

click here

If you really wanted you could also upgrade to a 6800GT cost an extra £100 i think and will certainly play Doom3.

Hope this helps, GL

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