Best current 1mb/2mb broadband service?

  Bailey08787 08:37 01 Dec 2004

I'm looking for a broadband provider for a 1mb or 2mb service (depending on price), for myself and two others to share over a network. Unlimited downloads a must. No minimum contract would be a bonus.

Looking to pay £30-£35 a month, for the best service we can get. Have been on BT's 1mb service up until now, but haven't been that impressed with the speed.


  Cook2 13:34 01 Dec 2004

If Telewest Blueyonder is in your area then that's the one.

  The Spires 15:09 01 Dec 2004

In my opinion Zen is the best by a fair margin. click here

  Noelg23 15:13 01 Dec 2004

this is without doubt your best bet click here uncapped very cheap only 3 months contract, only problem is the connection fee which is about £60 and their modem is £45 but you can buy your own...the company is called Central Point. 1Mb is only £25.99 a month and 2Mb is about £35 a month...

  pj123 15:22 01 Dec 2004

You could also look at Metronet. This is a PAYG broadband provider. Minimum cost is (supposedly) £10 per month, but depends on how you use it.

No free modem or free connection but the monthly fee is capped at £22.77 for the 1mb service.

click here

Alternatively, have a look here as well.

click here

  Bailey08787 16:00 01 Dec 2004

thanks all

that Metronet offer looks like a good one. I can get a 2mb service for £31.28 a month maximum.

  961 19:19 01 Dec 2004

click here
has a month by month review of broadband suppliers and their performance and reliability

For the most part it's a trade off between price and reliability

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