Best CRT Monitor?

  Ol' Greyhair 23:24 07 Feb 2005

I'm in the process of upgrading some bits, one of which is the screen - to 19" - with at least 1600x1200 at 75+Hz, preferably better. I think a monitor is one piece of equipment where the opinions of users counts a lot. I've looked at many a spec and I'm tending to go for the Iiyama Vision Master 454 but I've seen a few not happy reports about the text performance. I'm currently using an old(ish) 17" Eizo FlexScan F552-M, it's not at all bad but it's getting limited on resolution.
I'd prefer an 'old fashioned' CRT as I do a lot of graphics work (as well as games) - I can't run to a high spec professional model and although I'd love to, I can't afford a reasonable quality 20+" either - so - opinions on a good, reasonably priced (around £200) 19" CRT please.

  Praxis99 09:56 08 Feb 2005

In my last job I had an 454 on loan for use at home(since the co had switched over to TFT's).

I was very impressed with it in most respects in comparison to the 15'TFT I use at home, so long as you take a little time to set it up correctly (I used the demo version of Display Mate and a CRT setup utility made by Nokia).

Text output is not as sharp as a TFT but in all other respects the screen image was more vibrant and seemed less 'flat' (if that makes any sense to you).

It will also comfortably display 1600x1200 (at which there was almost no moire interference) though if working at this resolution a lot you really need to be thinking about using a larger monitor.

I was all up for buying one but now feel that I would prefer to spend my cash on a 19' TFT since my day to day needs are more text and number based and in that regard a TFT suits me better.

  €dstowe 11:08 08 Feb 2005

Visual Display Units, whether CRT, TFT or whatever else are very much a personal choice and your best approach is to look at them working. If you are doing any work that involves using the screen for an extended period it is very important to have one that suits YOU.

I suggest you go to your local computer supermarket or other supplier and look at them in action. Don't do this in a rush, spend time there and make sure as best you can that you select one that is to your liking.

There's no need to buy the device from the place where you seen it although it may be best to select the one you have actually seen being used.

  freaky 20:46 08 Feb 2005

I have had an Iiyama 19" Vision Master Pro 451 CRT for about 3 years now and it is excellent.

I recently bought another PC and got the 17" Iiyama Pro Lite TFT E435. Must admit the TFT display is excellent, and games play fine with no ghosting. It also has 3 display modes:-

(1) For games, video etc.

(2) For work on documents etc.

(3) Which I have nor used yet.

I shall not buy another CRT again, Flat Panel TFT from now on.

  citadel 17:44 09 Feb 2005

I have a 19" hyundai imagequest, it is compact design and the case is about the same size as my old 17" model. only cost £154.

  wjrt 18:52 09 Feb 2005

Iiyama vision master pro 454 is good
look also at Viewsonic P97F

  Ol' Greyhair 22:52 09 Feb 2005

Many thanks for all of your help. I must admit I've seen the V'Sonic P97F and it is good. Hyundai, seems very compact and I've heard good things about them but I'm a bit worried on the refresh rate at high res - might be wrong but I'm doing hours on graphics stuff and I need a really steady display.
I've done the usual wandering round shops, computer fairs etc and fiddled, pushed, prodded and generally had a good look and I have seen quite a few nice screens - but a few minutes playing with the thing isn't the same as getting trustworthy advice from fellow computer nuts.
Also, I do like TFTs and one day I'll be happy to go down that road but I still reckon the CRT is better at the heavy end of graphics etc. Please argue with this if you want as it wouldn't take too much for me to switch horses even now. (I'm sooo decisive!)
I'll leave the thread open as it'd be great to get more ideas and it might help others who are thinking of upgrading their viewing equipment.
Again, many thanks for your assistance.

  freaky 10:48 10 Feb 2005

In my opinion the days of CRT Monitors are numbered, and TFT is the way forward because: -

(a) 17" TFT's response times are now very close to CRT's.

(b) Less wear/tear on your vision as no screen flicker.

(c) Far more enviromentally friendly.

(d) Take up much less desk space.

(e) Screen size is what you see i.e. a 17" gives you a 17" viewing area.

I think however, that if you require a screen size above 17", then CRT's have the edge over the larger size TFT's because of their poor response times. No doubt this will change in the future.

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