Best cheap multi function printer??

  Picklefactory 16:55 06 Apr 2008

Wotcha folks
Looking for opinions on best cheapo MFP. Currently have Epson photo standard printer, but due to infrequent use, have regular issues with nozzle blockages. Real pain and getting worse all the time. So time for an upgrade (It's at least 4 years old and owes me nothing). Only do general, low volume printing, occasional photos and scanning/copying will be a bonus. But would really like to find something that can live with infrequent use, but still perform.
Wadda ya reckon?

  techie4me 17:19 06 Apr 2008

How much you want to spend?
Suggest you try staples or pcworld.

  jack 17:48 06 Apr 2008

one word of advice Cheap printer = Dear running.

Persevere with the epson and use a home made nozzle clearing tool such as this.

[url=click here][img=click here][/url]

  spuds 19:15 06 Apr 2008

Argos have two models from the 4in1 HP range, at £29.99 and £39.99. For £39.99 you can buy the HP C3180 which is a superb printer.Compatibles for that model are easy to obtain, and are available as a double capacity, at less price that the original HP cartridges.

  Stuartli 19:24 06 Apr 2008

The Epson DX4400 is a good buy at £40 - much better than the Canon MP210, now being offered at just under £20 rather than £40 with £20 Canon cashback.

  Picklefactory 23:11 06 Apr 2008

Girlfriend has Epson DX. Seems OK so far, but still new.

Never seen those before, I'll check 'em out before I blow my life savings at Argos.

I wanna spend as little as poss, I am not a serious printer, I am just like lots of others, i expect to find worlds best printer for zero cash ;-)

  jack 12:07 07 Apr 2008

I guess you will not find my little cleaning tool on sale.
It a little something I dreamed up whilst in a 'Blue Peter'mode

It works OK thats for sure

  jack 12:08 07 Apr 2008

Whether restored or new.
Print a little something in colour once a week to keep it sweet

  Picklefactory 12:27 07 Apr 2008

I'll give it a try, cheers.

  Picklefactory 12:46 07 Apr 2008

Just checked Argos site, C3180 is up to £79.99 now, but C4180 (Which I would guess is better) is now at £39.99. Sounds barmy, but there ya go.

  Stuartli 13:02 07 Apr 2008

By the way, my Epson R300 is switched on permanently - this eliminates any problems with ink nozzles being blocked and avoids constant inkjet cleaning routines.

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