Best budget camera £150.

  lisa02 14:09 11 Jul 2007

So many to choose from.

PCworld is closest to me and I can't make my mind up, can you help?

Is this good? click here

  P1d 15:00 11 Jul 2007

It's a pretty good camera but I got the same model for someone 12 months ago at the same price from comet or currys (can't remember which sorry).

I find these click here really good. They put deals together on some cameras which sometimes include memory card & cases.

Hope this helps.


  Stuartli 15:55 11 Jul 2007

For £127 you can buy a Canon Powershot (A710) with 6x zoom and image stabiliation, plus a viewfinder (which I prefer rather than just relying on a screen). See:

click here

One of the offspring recently bought one and it's a cracker of a camera. He paid £150 by the way...:-(

  Stuartli 15:55 11 Jul 2007

..and that was a bargain at the time.

  Totally-braindead 16:27 11 Jul 2007

Its not a bad camera but if I was getting one and could get the A710 at the price that Stuartli has shown you I'd get that. All right its £10 dearer and you'd need a camera case and memory card but its a better camera, I particularly like the 6x optical zoom, most have only a 3x at this price like your link does.
For memory cards and camera cases etc look at click here.

  ^wave^ 16:29 11 Jul 2007

try camerabox online they do realy good deals and the guy on the phone gives good advice i got an a640 for £149. there are some really good deals around at the moment look at dpreview to give good write ups on cameras

  ICF 18:04 11 Jul 2007

OOps here is the link

click here

  LastChip 21:43 11 Jul 2007

I bought one for my daughter and it went wrong after a fairly short time. It was replaced under warranty and the second one failed (different fault) - that was when I got my money back and bought something different.

However, I did recently buy a Fujifilm Finepix F31fd, which is the successor to the highly rated F30.

Don't let the "megapixals" marketing fool you. It's all about the CCD (charge-coupled device) - the sensor that records the image and the F31fd is superb.

At £149.99p from Jessups on-line, it may be slightly more than you want to pay, but it was recommended in PCA's "Top 5 Charts" when it was £249.00p. So at this price level (and it may be available cheaper elsewhere) it's an excellent buy.

  lisa02 21:57 11 Jul 2007

thanks for the info, i struggled to read it because of the advert. I'll come back in a couple of days to this. It's the 12th July again and all shops are shut.

  Stuartli 22:16 11 Jul 2007

My best mate has had two Samsung cameras. Both have proved excellent (his wife is now using the first one).

However, the Canon A170 I mentioned is a high class digital camera at a remarkable price, especially in view of its specification; image stabilisation alone is normally only found in cameras that cost considerably more.

The images it produces are stunning.

  Stuartli 14:21 13 Jul 2007

Just to add further to above. The latest edition of a well known consumer magazine (not allowed to say which one) carries the results of reliability test surveys for products used over the past four years conducted amongst its subscribers.

In the flat-screen TVs section, Samsung and Sony top the list, each with 99 per cent, followed by Panasonic and Sharp on 95 per cent.

For camcorders, Panasonic and Sony are top with 96 per cent each and third is Samsung with 92 per cent; in the DVD players section Sanyo and Sharp had 100 per cent, Goodmans, Pacific (Asda) and Panasonic 99 per cent and Samsung 96 per cent.

The PVR field saw Samsung in joint third place with Philips of 92 per cent - topping the list with 100 per cent was Bush (!) and Panasonic and Sony runners up with 94 per cent.

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