best broadband?

  sallyr 18:40 28 May 2004

What is the best current broadband thats the most hassle free? Anyone hit major problems with Tiscali or bt?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:17 28 May 2004

ALL broadband on landlines runs through BT. I have used Tiscali for years and their service is excellent but some would disagree. Best thing to do is ask your near neighbours who they use. There is little benefit in asking here, for every yay! there will be a nay!.


  johnsims 19:22 28 May 2004

Depends on what you want. I went with (stayed with actually) Virgin as they are one of only a very few who only ask you to commit to a month at a time and I wanted to try out a 512K connection to see if it's worth going to 1Mbit/S. Did not want to tie to a one year contract just in case...!

No problems this end at all, just would not use their usb Alcatel modem. It's cheap but I'd suggest you go for an external ethernet modem.
Pop over to click here it's a ukbroadband forum and worth a look.
regards and good hunting


  Djohn 20:47 28 May 2004

They all run through BT lines! Maybe but they are most definitely not all the same. Have a look at the ADSL guide and click on compare and choose any 6 to compare at a time, see what the users think of them and how they rate them. click here

  Aspman 20:51 28 May 2004

I'm very happy with Pipex at the moment.

  Haggie 08:38 29 May 2004

NDO like Ronseal they did wot they say there gonna do, on time no delays, so far no down time, monthly contract excellent

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:25 29 May 2004

The problem with all this 'my BB is teh best', is that the service, for all sorts of reasons, seems to vary over the country. As I have yawningly said, I use Tiscali BB and the service is superb and quick, it could not be any better where I live. In other areas people find Rascali to be terrible as an ISP. For every good report there will be a similar number of bad reports for any given ISP. My original advice still stands, ask someone living near you that has the service that you want.


  Mr Scone 12:09 29 May 2004

If you are in a telewest cable broadband area, this may be your best bet. They are upgrading their service from 512-750 kb/s for the same price.


  Mr Scone 12:10 29 May 2004

...if not, Nildram would be my choice.

  Djohn 12:12 29 May 2004

I agree with most of what you say on this subject. There are good and bad reports on most ISP's and of course most will use the same BT line whichever one you choose. I'm sure you will agree that apart from the odd complaint here and there against all ISP's, There are some [Just a few maybe] that come up time and time again with adverse reports of poor connection speed and customer service.

NTL is. I beleive one of the better providers of broadband although it's mainly through cable But the amount of times I read in the forum their e-mail system is down again! Even the most loyal user of NTL will say this is a problem. j.

  Mister Splendid 15:27 29 May 2004

Would you like to post a link please to Rascali?

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