Best brand for CD-R & CD-RW media

  Kilobyte 20:10 22 Feb 2007

Just really wanting opinions on what is the best brand for CD-R & CD-RW media. My experience with Memorex discs has not been that good as some have failed to write and more of a concern is that one disc with data cannot be read.

  Totally-braindead 20:26 22 Feb 2007

I personally have not had a problem with any of them for years. I don't use CDRW disks as they are too unreliable and since CDRs are so cheap these days I don't see the point of using CDRW and risking losing whatever I put on them.
What I would do is check what drive you have and go to the manufacturers website and see what they have tested it with and recommend using.
I use Infiniti CDRs and Datawrite DVDs as they have been fine for me but your burner might be different and might not like them.
You could try burning at a lower speed with the Memorex and see if that helps.

  Stuartli 20:39 22 Feb 2007

I gave up Memorex media (despite the fact it was well respected in the hi-fi field) because of various problems.

I then discovered Taiyo Yuden, probably the best media manufacturer in the world; among the companies who also rebadge its products under their own name are Imation, Sony Philips and Infiniti, so no prizes for guessing which media I buy at 7DayShop.

Kodak and TDK are other respected manufacturers.

  Input Overload 00:04 23 Feb 2007

Stuartli I'll think you will find Infiniti DVD's are made by Mitsubishi. click here

  Les T 01:01 23 Feb 2007

Can i give an mention for Datawrite CD-RW's, i bought them from eBay (i think), they have certainly never let my wife or me down.

  Stuartli 01:04 23 Feb 2007

It could be that circumstances have changed...:-)

It still doesn't alter the fact that Taiyo Yuden media is probably the best you can buy.

  Input Overload 09:12 23 Feb 2007

Stuartli I agree totally.

  Kilobyte 23:09 23 Feb 2007

Thanks for all the suggestions, i'll have a look out for Taiyo Yuden media, or TDK.

  BT 07:47 24 Feb 2007

You can't rely on any brand of DVD being nade by any particular maufacturer. As to Taiyo Yuden the only way you can be sure of getting that brand is to actually buy that brand.
I have use Imation DVDs made by several different makers.
To check the maker download DVD Identifier from
click here
It will give you all the information from the disc. It works with blank or recorded discs, and keeps itself updated.

  Ranger 10:23 24 Feb 2007

personally I usually buy whatever is on special offer at that time, so far whichever one I have used have all been fine

  FatboySlim71 08:53 25 Feb 2007

I agree, Taiyo Yuden are one of, if not the best manafacturer of media in the world, I use Plextor DVD-R which has a recording surface made by Taiyo Yuden, I know this because it mentioned on the site that they were (I also contacted the place that I was going to purchase them from before I purchased them, so that they could confirm this) and also if you put the disc into Nero and select the system info option and then click on the DISC tab it will then tell you who manafacturers the recording surface.

Taiyo Yuden are absolutely superb, I have not had a single bad one, im sure as well that Taiyo Yuden have a 100 year archive life. The thing with a lot of cheaper media (and I have seen this personally) is that after a couple of years the data can be unreadable on them, as I have mentioned "I have seen this personally"
I had a disc that contained some photo's, the disc must have been around 2 years old and when I went to try and read the disc it was unreadable.

One thing about Taiyo Yuden is that they can be difficult to find just their own brand, a lot of the time they make them for other manafacturers who then put their own branding on the disc like Plextor do. If you are going to buy Taiyo Yuden or another brand which has a Taiyo Yuden recording surface it is always a good idea to contact the place where you are going to purchase them from and ask them if they will be exactly as advertised as sometimes especially if they are another brand which uses a Taiyo Yuden recording surface, is that they can sometime be the same brand but they may have a different recording surface than what was advertised.

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