Best Anti-Virus

  user8 17:04 24 Feb 2009

My current Anti-Virus runs out in a months time.
Anyone used one they would recommend?



  Forum Editor 17:07 24 Feb 2009

AVG for quite a while, and have found it to be reliable and efficient.

I have also used BitDefender, and that was excellent too.

We've just concluded a beta test in the forum for the latest version of Norton 360, which will be launched fairly soon, and you can read for yourself what our testers thought of it by clicking on the beta testing link in the FORUMS list on the left of this page.

No doubt other people will have their own recommendations to make.

  961 17:12 24 Feb 2009

If by any chance you bank on line with Barclays you can get Kaspersky Internet Security suite free of charge

I can recommend it. You can buy from e-buyer etc from around £15

  spuds 18:56 24 Feb 2009

I use Avast and AVG on various computers (remember though, no more than one anti-virus program per computer). Both free for personal use, and both very good and reliable.

  john bunyan 19:03 24 Feb 2009

I use free AVG8 having switched from a paid for Bullguard suite. I find AVG8 good except that recently it has reported one instance of trojans which actually were Adobe Photoshop CS4 folders and 4 "viruses" which were Comodo updates.In spite of these false positives, I still use it, but some people prefer Avast (free).

  SB23 19:27 24 Feb 2009

I've used Avast for a number of years, and would not consider anything else.
As their site says, "75 million users" now use it.

click here

  birdface 19:54 24 Feb 2009

Nod32 if you want to pay.

  Kaacee 21:57 24 Feb 2009

Comodo I recommend

  gazzaho 07:25 25 Feb 2009

I'm more interested in how user friendly they are to install and set up. I tried KIS last year and had to get a refund as the product was driving me crazy with inane firewall warnings. I tried Avira 2 weeks ago and the thing wouldn't let me connect to the internet at all! I know it takes time to get used to a new product but not being able to connect right after installation is not user friendly.

My F-Secure suite is up in a few weeks and I suspect I'm gonna stick with it as it installs without a fuss, updates itself and quietly does it's job with minimal user input.

  Clapton is God 10:21 25 Feb 2009

Avast is easy to use especially when using the 'Simple User Interface'.

I'm not sure whether that means the User is Simple or the Interface is Simple but, nevertheless, it's easy to get along with. ;-))

Like others, I've been using it for years without problem.

It auto updates its' virus definitions and the only time it will call for a computer re-boot is when it's auto-updated the program itself.

The only thing that will annoy you about it is the awful American voice which tells you that "virus definitions have been updated" if you happen to have your speakers turned on.

  Stuartli 10:31 25 Feb 2009

If you do choose Avast! make sure that, when you register it to increase the initial use period from three months to just over a year, you tick the For Personal Use box.

Unless you do so, you will not receive the e-mail containing the extended period registration key.

During initial configuration, uncheck the Test Memory on Start up box to save unnecessary future frustration..:-)

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