Best Anti-Spam For Outlook?

  SimpleSimon1 10:26 15 Apr 2009

On my long-suffering XP SP3 machine, I'm replacing ZoneAlarm Security Suite with a 'mix & match' best of breed (preferably free!) solution.

AntiVirus and Spyware protection is now provided by Avira + SpywareBlaster whilst the Firewall is currently ZoneAlarm but I'll probably switch to Online Armour. However, what anti-spam product (for Outlook) would people reccomend?

MailwasherPro is probably the first thing that springs to mind but, bearing with the economy in mind, would anyone recommend any of the free ones?

MailwasherFree is apparently quite good but only supports one email address whilst, apparently, POPFile can be a bit resource-heavy (especially
if it's been trained on a lot of mail). I've also heard good things about Spamihilator and K9.


  birdface 10:35 15 Apr 2009

E-prompter will take about 12 or more e-mail addresses its free but not 100% sure if it is that sort of thing that you are looking for.Just delete or open any e-mails on it the ones you want to keep get delivered to your proper e-mail provider when you open it.All the others you can just remove.

  birdface 10:36 15 Apr 2009
  birdface 10:40 15 Apr 2009

[Avira + SpywareBlaster]I think you will need more protection than that.Malwarebytes.A Squared.Superantispyware.Any 1.2.3. of those should do.All free make sure you get the free version of Malwarebytes if you decide on choosing that one.

  SimpleSimon1 10:42 15 Apr 2009

Hi buteman.

Thanks for the reply but TBH I was really looking for a 'proper' Bayesian filtering program.

Whilst, E-prompter looks like a neat idea, since, my email client is permanently open and auto-recieves, I didn't think E-prompter will help me that much. Whilst no filtering program is going to be perfect, I do want something that will do a fairly good job of intially skimming off the garbage. Certainly worth bearing in mind, though.


  SimpleSimon1 10:47 15 Apr 2009

>Avira + SpywareBlaster]I think you will need more >protection than that.

Possibly but the new Avira 9 includes active antispyware monitoring.

>Malwarebytes.A Squared.Superantispyware.

Avira always recommend Malwarebytes for second-line diagnostics and I also like Superantispyware. For the moment, I'll probably use Avira for active monitoring and the other two for occasional on-demand scans

Thanks for the reply

  Boghound 12:11 15 Apr 2009

Try Inboxer click here Used it on all Outlook versions ever since it came out with no problems at all.

  birdface 12:17 15 Apr 2009

Yes I was not 100% sure of what you were looking for .Obviously E-prompter would be of no use to you as your e-mail client is always open.I am sure someone will come up with a better alternative. best of luck.

  birdface 12:22 15 Apr 2009

If you would prefer Zone Alarm cheaper you have 40 minutes for this.I know you are removing it just thought maybe the cheaper price might have helped.

click here

  john bunyan 12:49 15 Apr 2009

Since December,my spam has virtually stopped. I am (for this reson only) still with Pipex as my ISP, and use Outlook Express and have XP and SP3. AVG 8 checks for viurses, and I have Superantispyware and Malawarebites. Pipex on request put in what appears to be effective anti spam, not sure whose as I don't see the stuff they stop at source. I think Mailwasher. Have you spoken to your ISP to see if they offer a free package on this?

  interzone55 14:47 15 Apr 2009

Get a Google Mail account.

You can get Google to collect your mail from several sources, it the handles the spam checking.

you can then collect your email from google's servers sans spam...

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