Best AMD system that can be made/bought for <£500?

  Solgoth 15:11 15 Dec 2005

I'm looking to buy or build a new pc with spec similar to this. I'm a bit confused that I can't actually find anywhere that'll sell me something of similar spec ready made, I thought it was the case that it was usually cheaper to buy a bundle these days than build it yourself. Does anyone know how I could get a better AMD based system for the money? Any problems with the components I've chosen and compatability, etc?

I'm not going to be using my machine for games much, so maybe my spec is overkill. I want excellent performance and speed in Windows and with photo editing and stuff like that.

With the cheapest prices I can find, I could build the following for just under £500.

AMD 64 3200 £116.99
Asus A8N-E motherboard £70
256mb Geforce 6600 or ATI X700 £75 or so
512mb Kingston or crucial value DDR 400 £31
dual/double layer 16x writer £35
dvd rom drive £15
firewire card £6.30
Western digital 200gb SATA drive £62
novatech cheap case with 400w psu (a bad idea?) £30
fans, cooling etc, £10

plus keyboard, internal card reader and mouse

Anyone know of a place where I could get more for a similar price, or alternatively of any cheaper prices for this kind of stuff?

  sharkfin 16:48 15 Dec 2005

You,ve missed out a monitor. Say another £100 to that brings it up to £600.

Mesh have a nice system for £549 which includes a 19" TFT click here

  Solgoth 17:30 15 Dec 2005

I was planning on getting a good quality CRT monitor as I feel they'd give better picture and more accurate tones and colours for the price, which is important to me since I do a lot of photo editing.

Thanks for the suggestion about the Mesh, but for some reason once I add in delivery, and little things like a dual layer writer, firewire, a 6600 LE instead of the cheap (onboard?) 6100 it comes with, and a 200gb instead of 160gb hd, even without an internal card reader it comes to £724. Also it's a bit smaller than I want - I want a machine with lots of space for extra drives as I need a lot of storage space for photos.

  Joe R 19:52 15 Dec 2005


this comes with firewire, ,more ram, and a better Gfx card.

All you have to add is a Dvd-rom,and card reader.

click here

  Solgoth 19:25 19 Dec 2005

Thanks for the suggestion, that looks like it would be a good deal for someone who wanted to play games a lot, but it's important to me to have a motherboard that supports PCI-express for future upgrades, cards etc. That machine does have a better graphics card but it only supports AGP, it looks like.

How important is a graphics card to 2d graphics performance? Would a very cheap graphics card do instead of a Geforce 6600 256mb ?

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