Best 3D modelling laptop on £400 budget?

  buel 07:03 30 Mar 2015

Hi all.

I am learning 3d modelling (AutoCAD, Tekla) and need a laptop that is as appropriate as possible for this use.

Unfortunately, my budget is £400 so I'm aware that I can't afford the perfect laptop for this use. However, I would appreciate some pointers. For example, I'm guessing that it has to be 64bit so that I can add plenty (over 4gb) of RAM?

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

  wee eddie 12:09 30 Mar 2015

Look at the Software's minimum requirements and add some RAM.

It is usually cheaper to buy enough RAM at the start than to add I later.

  buel 23:10 30 Mar 2015

Thanks for that. I think 8gb is required? Any ideas?

  buel 07:41 31 Mar 2015

Hello, anyone?

  The Kestrel 16:23 31 Mar 2015

Two possibilities with decent independent reviews.

click here

  buel 16:48 31 Mar 2015

Thanks for that. However, the links don't work for me?

  buel 19:24 31 Mar 2015

Or should I say, it is just a link to ebuyer, not any specific laptops?

  The Kestrel 21:47 31 Mar 2015

Sorry the link didn't work, although it still does on my PC. They have removed one of the two I found but the Toshiba is still available click here

  buel 22:56 31 Mar 2015

Hello and thank you for that that is appreciated. It looks a good one, please can I ask why you recommended it for 3D modelling? Was it purely on the basis of the 8gb of RAM?

  wee eddie 09:38 01 Apr 2015

The budget that you have is well below the optimum for the task you have told us you plan to use it for. So whichever machine you get will be a tradeoff.

An i3 Processor will struggle but with 8MB Ram, it will get there. An i5 is, of course, faster but with 4MB Ram, it may not be sufficient to get the job done

  The Kestrel 13:40 01 Apr 2015

I have no experience of 3D modelling, but the Toshiba was the best spec. laptop I could find with 8Gb of RAM within your budget. If you could increase your budget by £50, then ebuyer has several i5 core laptops available.

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