BennyP 20:04 17 Jul 2010

After years of purchasing and advising others to purchase form Novatech I now wish I had never heard of them.
I purchased a new system and it arrived faulty, the hard drive wouldn’t let me install Windows XP.
I contacted them about the fault and was told I would need to purchase a new operating system from them to get it working.
I acquired a new operating system and the fault was still there.
I returned the system and was told I had damaged the hard drive and would need another.
I agreed to purchase another and have the damaged hard drive returned also.
The system now worked and out of curiosity I swapped back to the one that I was told I had damaged even though I couldn’t see any damage.
I found that the system now had the same fault as when it first arrived and the hard drive had not been damaged but had the same fault.
I contacted them and was told the memory was fault and they thought I had damaged the hard drive but never even checked it.
So Novatech first said the fault was the operating system and I had to purchase a new one. When it came back I was informed the fault was the memory and I had damaged the hard drive so had to purchase a new one. I asked for the damaged hard drive to be returned. This system came back and is now running my old operating system also the new one I didn’t need on different drives. I retried the so-called damaged hard drive only to find the same original fault and no other damage.
When I finally got through I was told. “We always advise the purchase of a new operating system when a new computer won’t work before looking for a fault. I told they didn’t bother checking the hard drive and just thought it was damaged by me. They had made a big thing about me being at fault using they communication system on the many occasions it wouldn’t work but was now informed it is their communication program that is faulty and had been from its first day. So even though they knew their system was faulty they had kept saying it was my fault and not theirs.

Finally when I had got the system working after weeks of frustration and had kept complaining they now wanted the entire system repackaging and returning not to hear from me again but nothing for the faulty drive or all the time and trouble coursed by them. I said no way.

Now after years of promoting Novatech I can only say “GOD HELP ALL WHO GO THERE!”

  rdave13 20:58 17 Jul 2010

I was just looking for a motherboard, cpu,ram package (cause I not allowed new PC) from this site . Will think again.

  Forum Editor 08:51 18 Jul 2010

is that you would have been entitled to a full refund if the system was not fit for purpose - you could have rejected it.

The fact that you appear to have spent money unnecessarily because the supplier made an incorrect diagnosis of the fault is regrettable, to say the least, and in your position I think I would be considering my situation very carefully. For a supplier to say “We always advise the purchase of a new operating system when a new computer won’t work before looking for a fault." is - if true - a disgraceful way to go about customer service.

  sunnystaines 10:31 18 Jul 2010

I hope they are not going down hill, had good service from them in the past.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:43 18 Jul 2010

Novatech have had many reports and years of excellent service. One person has a problem (we have only had their side of the story-something wiorth bearing in mind)and the expected knee-jerk reactions come straight away. Sad really.


  morddwyd 19:46 18 Jul 2010

I suggest you contact Trading Standards, or have a look at Consumer Direct.

Novatech have a very high reputation, not just on this forum, and I can't see them jeopardising it if there has been a genuine misunderstanding.

  mrwoowoo 02:29 20 Jul 2010

I recently bought all the parts to build my own PC from Nova tech.
When i put it all together the CPU was duff. As i needed the PC quickly for a birthday pree sent i imediately ordered another and arranged for the duff one to be sent back.
The next day, the new CPU arrived and the duff one was sent back. I installed the new CPU and all worked fine.
Two days later i received a call from Nova tech to say the CPU was indeed faulty and they would send a replacement. I explained that i had already bought a new one from them, and so they gave a full refund.
Always used Nova tech and always received excellent custom service.
Personally i wouldn't go anywhere else.

  tigertop2 10:09 20 Jul 2010

One of the best on line companies around on customer service. I have contributed to their coffers for 5 years and their service has been excellent in both ordering and return of goods. Right now I am waiting for a delivery today of a new graphics card. I am confident it will arrive and it will be well packed and in good condition. Every company has occasions when things go wrong. The ones you go back to are the ones who unfailingly respond quickly to your problem. Novatech is one of these.

  ronalddonald 20:15 20 Jul 2010

As FE has pointed out, you should of got the money back rather accept blame of damaging the hard drive. once you got the money back you could of then placed another order, instead of spending more money and may be wrongly being advised

  Forum Editor 00:04 21 Jul 2010

"The ones you go back to are the ones who unfailingly respond quickly to your problem."

I couldn't agree more, but on this occasion it may be the case that the response hasn't been as effective as it might have been. Observant onlookers will note that I said :-

"For a supplier to say “We always advise the purchase of a new operating system when a new computer won’t work before looking for a fault." is - if true - a disgraceful way to go about customer service."

Note the words 'if true'. I stand by them. If it's true that a supplier told a customer that it always advises the purchase of a new operating system for a new computer before even looking for a fault there's something wrong. I have to assume it's true, and that BennyP didn't make it up unless I hear to the contrary from the supplier.

  morddwyd 20:05 21 Jul 2010

I received the following private response from BennyP -

"This is the sort of comment I would have made till now. Here is the reply I gave the Editor. As I said I had used Novatech for years with no problem so I was taken aback by this situation. I have some very nasty calls from a manager called Elain and at no time would they accept the hard drive wasn’t damaged by me. The statement about them not checking and advising a farther purchase is cored and when I brought it to Elain’s attention she say he shouldn’t have told me that but didn’t dispute it. Also as stated about the communication system, it was a major problem Elain said I shouldn’t have been told it has been from the start. Elain arranged a time for a technetium to contact me and solve this problem. Some hours after the arranged time I got a call from another technetium on his behave who confirmed the system had always been faulty. I asked why Elain and others kept saying it was my fault and he hung up. BennyP "

BennyP - It is a forum convention that you do not "yellow envelope" someone unless invited.

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