Belkin Technical Support - what support?

  Red Devil 19:10 13 Jan 2006

Hi all,

I bought some Belkin wireless networking bits last week and they arrived today. I had problems installing it so called their free technical support line.

After going through 3 menus (language choice, select technical support, select networking technical support) I get an automated message telling me that they have no-one free to answer the phone so phone back later.

Then I get disconnected. No queing system, just disconnected. Turfed off without a thought or any consideration. What!!!!?

So I try again.

Same thing happens.

And again. And again. And again. And again. For 4 hours.

So, instead of trying technical support, I try their customer services. Maybe they can get me through to technical support and, if they can't, I can complain about how bad their technical support's response actually is.

Again, I get told that they have no-one free to take my call but, at least, I didn't get turfed off the phone without any consideration this time as I was put in a queue. The trouble is, an hour later I was still in a queue with no idea where in the queue I was or even if I was moving forward in it.

So, I thought, out of plain curiosity, to see how quickly I could get through to a sales rep as this was the other option available when you get to choose which department you want to speak to. Just like with technical support you don't get put in a queue. Unlike technical support, though, that's because you're through to a human voice inside 2 rings. Now there's a suprise.

So, let's recap. If you want technical support, which means sorting a problem out and is the option that's going to cost Belkin the most money, don't expect to get through anytime soon and do expect to get turfed off of the phone as it's obviously too much trouble for them to deal with your problem. If you want customer services, again, as it's likely to cost them money to deal with you, don't expect to get through to a human voice any time soon. You won't get turfed off of the phone but you will be doing a Blondie, ie, left hanging on the telephone. You will get through to a sales rep. Very quickly too.

Nice to know they have their priorities straight.

This is the first time I've bought networking bits of theirs as I normally buy Netgear. It's going to be the last time too.

The only thing I can't complain about is at least id didn't cost me any money as the line was a freephone number.

  ade.h 19:38 13 Jan 2006

"Doing a Blondie"


Do I know how that feels!

Seriously though, I have not had that problem when I have had to call Belkin, but I have only ever had to call once because it's unusual to have problems with its products. So it sounds like you have been doubly unlucky.

Have you tried the email contact via the website yet?

  ajm 20:09 13 Jan 2006

Maybe if you could tell us what problems you are having and also the type of equipment you purchased, we could help you out.

I have had nothing but excellent service form the Belkin support when there was a need to call. Yours must have been an exception, twice...

  spuds 21:17 13 Jan 2006

Very strange, usually they are very good. I had need to contact them last year, got through very easy, and problems solved quickly.

Hope they haven't transfered to a call centre :o)

  pj123 16:34 15 Jan 2006

You're lucky to even get in a queue. All I get is "the number you have dialled is not recognised". click here

  spuds 17:50 15 Jan 2006

If you cannot get through on the freefone number, try (Rushden) 01933 35 2000

  pj123 18:06 15 Jan 2006

spuds, thanks. Will give it a try tomorrow. Not much point trying today (Sunday).

  larrymj 12:28 11 Mar 2006

Been trying to get through on 00 800 223 55 460 for days at different times. I am either guided through the various options and left queuing for ages before the call is terminated or the call is immediately terminated. I am trying to resolve how to connect an Athlon 64 PC with Win XP to a P3 with Win 98se through wireless networking. They connect with each other but the file sharing is read only and I cant transfer between files between the two although I have enabled both in File Sharing. I can open a file on one computer and save it to the second computer, the internet connections work from both computers (they are WPA encrypted, MAC address filtered etc). The printer works ok from all computers. I have tried running the xp networking wizard on the win 98se machine but it fails during reboot, is there a manual override to fix this or is the problem something else! Any suggestions gratefully received. (If none then I'll try Belkin in the middle of the night to see if any of the operators are free and awake!).

  bribar 16:53 30 Mar 2006

I've had exactly the same problems with Belkin as Red Devil. Numerous phone calls, 3 emails, NO answers, and this have been going on since middle of February.
I purchased a wired 4-port router F5D5231-4. The problem started when my broadband connection kept dropping very minute for about 1/2 second, just a flash, but enough to cause problems with my other computer and downloaded programs. Because I thought my computer at fault I formatted my hard drive, but the problem persisted. As a last resort I disconnected the modem, no problems now I stuck, looks like a trip to the retailers to get my money back and purchase a more reliable router.

  anchor 17:06 30 Mar 2006

Try sending a Fax marked for the attention of the Chief Executive Officer; it might get a response?.

Their Fax number:

01933 31 2000

  Stuartli 17:38 30 Mar 2006

A fax is most likely never to see the light of day if it's critical...:-)

A letter marked Personal and Confidential perhaps?

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