Belkin Does It Again!!

  onokeck 21:58 12 Jun 2003

I have in the past praised Belkin for their support regarding the Surgemaster surge protector.They have now excelled even my expetations. I bought a Surgemaster in 2001. A lightening strike knocked out my fax/phone connection in Aug 2002. After contacting Belkin I had a new device in less than a week at no cost whatsoever. As luck would have it, another electrical storm blew my fax/phone connection in May 2003. Belkin has now sent me their latest Surgemaster with no squabble at all. How's that for quality service? I think everyone should get out and buy a Belkin Surgemaster. It is a quality product and they stand by their product. I might add that the device did protect all my other connections from damage. Casey

  hoverman 06:35 13 Jun 2003

I have a Belkin Surge Master F5C100u. Looks as though I made a wise purchase - it's great to read praise for a company for a change.

  Gizmo 10:19 13 Jun 2003

Same thing happened to me the other week, what great service from Beklin, I faxed them to say what a great service, the surge protector blew and saved my fax and phone at a vale of £400, I would recommend Belkin surge protectors to any one, money well spent.

Good to see companies looking after there customers

  D-P-R 01:00 16 Jun 2003

got 2 of their surge masters and am very happy with them, and it good to now that if the worst happens they are so hassle free and prompt, Hard to find many companies like that these days

  H-J 01:16 16 Jun 2003

My parents used to unplug the tv aerial religeously (I mean every night, not with a load of ceremony:-)) because of the danger of lightning strike. we didnt have a phone in those days. It always struck me as odd at the time, but in hind sight it was a perfectly sensible thing to do, when you have a nice big lightning conductor straight into your living room. I bet not many people do this now with phone, tv (especially from a dish). I know I don't.

  Tenner 18:20 16 Jun 2003

Amazing - and they say it doesn't strike twice !!!

Guess what'll be my next purchase ?


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