alan227 17:37 07 Apr 2004

Has anyone had problems with returning faulty products to Belkin.
I purchased one of their products which was faulty so I contacted them and got a RMA returns number and sent it back by first class post after being told it would be returned within 5 working days, 8 days later and stil no sign of it so I phoned their customer services from 9.00am in the morning till 4.30pm in the afternoon only to be told everytime to leave a message and they would contact me within 48 hours.
Eventually I found another number and managed to speak to an operater who informed me that the faulty item was out of stock and not expected in for another 15 days.
Why could they not have informed me about this instead of costing me a fortune in phone calls to find this out.
I have had a few Belkin products before with no problems but if this is how customer services treat you when you buy a faulty product from them I wil never buy another product of them.
Ok this may not wory them losing one customer but if you are thinkiong of buying from Belkin just remember how lousy their customer services are if their product is faulty.

  Forum Editor 18:34 07 Apr 2004

doesn't really justify ".........just remember how lousy their customer services are".

Belkin don't have a bad reputation in this area, and we've had many reports of excellent service from them in the past.

Have you considered telling the company that you don't want to wait that long, and asking for a full refund? You can probably find the item somewhere else. What was it by the way?

  alan227 08:30 08 Apr 2004

The said product was a KVM switch which allowed me to run 2 computers from 1 monitor, keyboard and mouse, so at the moment I can only use 1 computer if I do not want to delve round the back to keep changing connections.
Not being able to use the other computer is bad enough but after telephoning them all day without being able to get past their automated answering machine, then locating another number ( all at my expense ) only to be told 2 days after the replacement should have arrived that their would be no stock in for at least 15 days and they hadn`t even got the courtesy to inform me.
With the phone calls and paying for postage on a product that was faulty from day one has cost me an extra £9.00.
Is this is what you call good customer relations ?.

  Stuartli 09:04 08 Apr 2004

Your five working days may have included a weekend, which wouldn't count towards "working" days.

I'm pretty sure that if you contact Belkin, a very respected company, enclosing a copy of your next phone bill with the telephone calls you have made to it and the reason for sending the bill, that it will refund these costs.

I've just done that with - part of the Sanders and Kay Group - which made a complete mockery of trying to get an order for two pairs of shoes to me; it took three months and many phone calls to achieve.

When I insisted that the company refunded my telephone costs as well as close my (rarely used) account with them it agreed, although somewhat reluctantly at first.

My experience with unfortunately made a mockery of trying to convince the doubters that buying over the Internet can be safe, fun and with quick overnight delivery in most cases....:-(

  alan227 09:14 08 Apr 2004

I wasted enough time the other day trying to get past the automated answering machine, I certainly do not want to run my telephone bill up any more by trying to contact them again.
Despite what the FE says their customer relations leave a lot to be desired.One call about the delay in replacing this faulty product would have saved me a lot of time and money and at least I would have known what was happening.
By the way the actual timescale was 9 days but I had taken 2 of for the weekend.

  Stuartli 13:54 08 Apr 2004

You don't need to use the telephone, just write outlining the facts.

All my correspondence with was via e-mail - I kept a full record of all that went on between us (I have kept many such records for several years now) - and I was informed the other day that the refund has been sent.

  Stuartli 13:55 08 Apr 2004

I have to say that I agree with you about Belkin telephone support.

A little while back, I, along with many others, was having problems with the firmware on their new modem/router.

Trying to get hold of them on the phone proved to be a nightmare. Whenever I did eventually get through I was always told that somebody would call back within 2 days. As yet nobody has ever called me back.

Luckily the experts on here helped me out and told me when an upgrade to the firmware was released. If it hadn't been for them I would still be waiting.

  alan227 17:06 08 Apr 2004

Golden Eagle i am glad i am not the only person who has had trouble.
I have managed to get through again and all I was told the previous night was a pack of lies they said they had a USB version and if I could use one of them I could have that instead so I said OK.When I contacted them today they said there was no such product, so although I was civil to them they told me a pack of lies to get me of the telephone, unfortunately I forgot to ask the persons name who I spoke to.
The upshot is I now have to wait another 2 weeks for a product that was faulty when it came, so in total 1 month without a product through no fault of my own.
Also they told me that the person who deals with returns is on holiday for 3 weeks and I replied that the system should not fall apart because someone goes on holiday.
As i said in my first post if you are thinking of buying Belkin just hope and pray you do not have to send it back to them.
I am not even confident that it will arrive in 2 weeks time, but hope they prove me wrong.

  anchor 19:00 08 Apr 2004

At least Belkin have a freephone number, unlike others who have national rate, or even a premium rate, number.

  alan227 20:03 08 Apr 2004

It is there freephone number that is the automated response, if you had read the thread i tried all day to get through on that number, finally using another number and being told a pack of lies to get me of the phone, after another call today which was 22 minutes in length I finally got the truth but no apology as to why they had not informed me of the delay or why I was told a pack of lies the only excuse they used was the person in charge was on holiday, that is a poor excuse.
I still stand by what I said if you buy Belkin hope it is not faulty and you have to contact their customer services.

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