BBC Watchdog

  The Brigadier 16:42 02 May 2007

Seems a well known un-named major computer maker that advertises in PCAdvisor is on BBC Watchdog tonight @ 8pm.
Seems this 'respected' company in fact offers poor service & support to it's customers!

  iqs 17:07 02 May 2007

it's not the company I recently purchased my new PC from?.

  LANDCRUISER 17:08 02 May 2007

i will be watching to see them squirm as i think i now m---

  spuds 18:21 02 May 2007

Oh dear, looks like I might miss that, Snooker: The World Championship on BBC2.

  961 18:52 02 May 2007


wonder who that could be?

  rodriguez 18:56 02 May 2007

I had bad Mesh experience a few years ago, I've posted about it enough times in other threads so won't go on. Anyway, someone else I know had a Mesh machine and it seems fine - well they didn't send any driver discs but a quick download can fix that. So I'm 50/50 about them at the moment, but if Watchdog get onto them they'll probably improve anyway.

  Probabilitydrive 21:57 02 May 2007

...a £2000.-- + system having been sent back 6 times for a repair....a repair job after which the owner finds National Front application forms on his system!! a woman having spent £50.-- on a helpline not being able to resolve anything only to end up finding a local PC repair guy who had to carry out a repair costing her £ 120.--...

Outcome: the company is recruiting 100 more staff to answer telephone queries...a promise to pick up a call after 4 engineer turnaround repair time of no more than 3 days...

  J B 22:26 02 May 2007

For those of you who missed the program here is the report click here J.B.

  frostyuk 22:45 02 May 2007

have we not heard this all before from other people will it improve well lets hope so

  Stuartli 23:19 02 May 2007

Any company producing 50k systems a year is almost certain to experience some customer problems.

Watchdog doesn't make it clear whether, for instance, it's components that have proved faulty or inexperienced computer users, although I'm not condoning the customer service allegedly involved.

The only experience I've had as a Mesh customer is as someone who purchased a £750 system three years ago for an elderly friend.

The system has never missed a beat in all that time despite the friend (now around 85) initially having no computing experience at all (apart from using a word processing machine).

  sharpe 23:47 02 May 2007

Any company producing 50k systems a year is almost certain to experience some customer problems.

of course you are right but you only have to use the search facility here to see that Mesh have got thier share of getting it oh so wrong. How many chances do they need to get their Customer Service so that it is what the name suggests. How many people here truly believe the statement they made to Watchdog.

The complaints continue to roll and we have had the excuse of the large quantity of units produced against the comparison of the "small" amount of complaints but aren't people starting to "smell the coffee" after all its gone beyond this fine and wonderful forum (and I mean that comment sincerely) and now reached the hallowed ground of watchdog, national telly!!! will this be the wakup call? I hope so, nobody wants to see another computer company bite the dust, so come on Mesh start listening to your customers.

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