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  ened 15:29 02 Jan 2009

I am having problems getting AOL to accept that my slow speeds are not being caused by problems with my set up/machine.

Essentially early in the morning and most of the day I obtain around 6 meg. I find this acceptable because I am aware not many people can get the full 8 meg. Anyway six is fast enough for my purposes.

However EVERY afternoon from about four onwards it slows to a crawl. Today it has started even earlier and I am recording speeds of 0.1/0.2 meg.

AOL say it is my fault:

"Too many programs running in the background.
Computer might be affected form virus.
May be the computer does not have the minimum RAM.
Problem with AOL software.
Problem with modem/ router you are using.
Firewall installed on the system etc.. "

They seem to keep ignoring the part of my email which says I am getting normal speeds at other times.

I think that because of this there cannot be anything at my end which is causing the slowdown.

Am I correct?

  oldbeefer2 16:05 02 Jan 2009

If you're ADSL, it probably slows when the kids come home from school - the dreaded 'contention ratio'!

  pcmags 16:10 02 Jan 2009

When with Virgin on a BT line our connection dropped between 3pm to 5pm.
After 5pm it all went back to normal.

  ened 16:17 02 Jan 2009

For £25:00pm shouldn't I expect faster speeds.

I used to get consistent speeds at this address before AOL took the account.

  oldbeefer2 16:20 02 Jan 2009

It's not only the amount you pay, but also the distance from exchange and condition of line and house wiring. I'm 6km from exchange and rarely get more tha 3meg - drops to as low as 700k at busy times (and I pay 19 quid a month).

  oldbeefer2 16:22 02 Jan 2009

Who were you with before? If you used to get faster, it's just possible there is a problem on your line (yes, sounds like coincidence, but you never know)

  ened 16:56 02 Jan 2009

After several years and with a little help from this Forum I came to the conclusion there is no such thing as a bad isp.

They all have good and bad points and the most important point, I concluded, was that it depended on where you live.

I went with AOL because many friends around where I used to live were using them and gave glowing references.

However I have now moved and the isp at this (My current)address when I moved in was Orange. Now I have been with them in the past (freeserve/wannadoo)and found them to be shocking.

I am right in the town centre here, so am not far from the exchange ,and believe AOL have oversubscribed the line.

But I started this thread because I need to know if anybody thinks that problems with my machine would be amplified when the line became busy and cause such a slow down.

  curofone 17:23 02 Jan 2009

It is highly unlikely to be the settings on your machine and aol are quite famous for making up things so they can blame problems on something other than their own equipment and serivce, I have spoken to customers who have aol and lost their connection and then the aol customer serives just made a random string of letters and numbers and said that folder was missing from their computer and that why the connection had been lost and in truth they just needed to reset the router, and i have plenty more stories i have got from aol customers.

I think you already know this but the speed of ADSL broadbrand changes greatly due to a number of factors and that fact that your broadband goes to crawl during peak times would indicate that it becuase there is a bottle neck on the line rather than your computer.

Also surely you are paying way over the odds for your broadband think we pay something like £15 or £17 a month for 10mbps on virgin and you get those speeds all the time apart from when they cap us

  ened 17:49 02 Jan 2009

It is a package which includes calls.

But I cannot accept these intolerably slow speeds.

It just took me three attempts to get this page up and I am going to have to copy what I have written to the clipboard before clicking on 'post response' because it is likely to time out.

In the few weeks I was with Orange at this address I consistently attained 2meg. So if there is a bottleneck it has been created by AOL.

I don't really understand what happens after the signal leaves my home but I do believe that nowadays the isp puts their own equipment in the exchange.

I intend to take this up with AOL on the telephone next week because surely one should expect better speeds than this even allowing for 'peak periods'!

  ened 17:50 02 Jan 2009

02/01/09 17:41:45
Speed Down 303.32 Kbps ( 0.3 Mbps )
Speed Up 297.84 Kbps ( 0.3 Mbps )
Port 8095

One of my speed teating addresses refused to load and that is the one which usually shows the fastest results.

  RobCharles1981 22:24 02 Jan 2009


I told you before on your previous thread but you didn't take my advice you created a couple of weeks ago

Please listen and take my advice LEAVE AOL NOW!!!

AOL say it is my fault:

"Too many programs running in the background.
Computer might be affected form virus.
May be the computer does not have the minimum RAM.
Problem with AOL software.
Problem with modem/ router you are using.
Firewall installed on the system etc.. "

No its not your fault and not your pc, AOL are taking the mickey out of you trust me they keep blaming it on you where it's their end.

With the latest speed test you did, something is seriously wrong with AOL trust me.

What Router Do you use? I will then show you how to get your full line stats.

Go here click here post back the full results it will tell you what LLU and other services you can get at your exchange.

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