battery v petrol hedge trimmer

  sunnystaines 18:35 19 Jun 2013

been looking to get one for tough hawthorn hedges. petrol ones get a lot of poor reviews for either poor instructions or being unreliable where as the battery ones seem to get good reviews.

But will a bettery one be tough enough for tough woody hedges?

any recommendations or tips please, never used a petrol drivate tool before.

  Forum Editor 19:06 19 Jun 2013

I have a petrol engine tool that takes various cutting heads - strimmer, brush cutter, and hedge trimmer.

It is superb, and will cut hawthorn easily. It wasn't cheap (around £300) but is worth every penny. It's a Hitachi CG24EKD(SL) whatever that means.

  chub_tor 19:15 19 Jun 2013

I'm with the FE on this one, mine's a petrol driven Ryobi with a hedge trimmer attachment. Our garden hedge has lots of hawthorn and we trim it quite easily.

  morddwyd 19:55 19 Jun 2013

I use a battery one purely because of weight issues, but there is no question in my mind that a petrol one would be better at cutting.

Battery hedge trimmers are just that - trimmers, not cutters.

  john bunyan 20:18 19 Jun 2013


These machine run on 2 stroke, not normal petrol. I have one that uses 25:1 petrol/ 2 stroke oil, and another (Sthil) that uses 50:1. I prefer the ones that have a fairly wide gap between the "teeth" and with a longer reach. A personal view - I would avoid Mc Culloch. If you have a biggish garden a battery one will be less useful; a mains electric one may be a suggestion depending on how far your hedge is from the power point.

  sunnystaines 20:22 19 Jun 2013

john remember 2 stroke back in the day when everyboy got a moped when they hit 16.

am i right in thinking the wider the teeth the stonger stems it can cut.

  spuds 23:54 19 Jun 2013

Petrol without a doubt, the rechargeable battery units take to long to charge for very little use.

  wiz-king 05:41 20 Jun 2013

Petrol. I have a Hotpoint (they don't only make white goods) that eats hedges, good on yew and hawthorn. Main thing is to keep the cutters well oiled and clean them after use with a stiff brush.

  sunnystaines 08:23 20 Jun 2013

wizking thanks for that tip

  wiz-king 08:53 20 Jun 2013

Hawthorn is fairly easy on the trimmer as it does not contain much sap to gum up the cutter blades, the worst is privet.

  spuds 09:01 20 Jun 2013

Another thing that I would suggest, whatever type of hedge trimmer or other garden device you use, make sure about the gearing. Some have metal parts working in conjunction with plastic parts, which tend to fail if under stress. The more expensive the item, the better quality of gearing perhaps?.

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